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  1. Catopsis berteroniana "near Santa Elena, Gran Sabana"
  2. N. [(mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "black miracle") x (mirabilis "globosa" x ampullaria "black miracle")]
  3. bonfield

    U. biloba

    Biloba "Moolooaba" is flowering!
  4. My Brocchinia reducta are both flowering! Here is the one that is further along:
  5. P. (gigantea "purple flower" x emarginata "red leaf")#15
  6. Heliamphora uncinata "Amuri Tepui"
  7. Thanks! I know what you mean about the dark purple, I have a Brasiliorchis schunkeana flowering(below pic), it looks fairly black to the naked eye, but most pictures bring out the reds.
  8. I've got to split up these sinuosa soon, I can't believe how far they've come from spores! I've also got fresh spores available, does anyone have ant fern spores/plants they'd like to trade? I've been after deparioides lately!
  9. Some U. endressii about to bloom:
  10. Thanks! I've also got an FDK "after dark black pearl", hopefully it's next to bloom!
  11. I don't have as many orchids as I used to, but I plan to hang on to this one for as long as possible!
  12. One of my pulchella "Churi Tepui" flowered, nearly dwarfing the pitchers with the bloom, lol.