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  1. N. [(mirabilis "wing" x ampullaria "black miracle") x (mirabilis "globosa" x ampullaria "black miracle")]
  2. bonfield

    U. biloba

    Biloba "Moolooaba" is flowering!
  3. My Brocchinia reducta are both flowering! Here is the one that is further along:
  4. P. (gigantea "purple flower" x emarginata "red leaf")#15
  5. Heliamphora uncinata "Amuri Tepui"
  6. Thanks! I know what you mean about the dark purple, I have a Brasiliorchis schunkeana flowering(below pic), it looks fairly black to the naked eye, but most pictures bring out the reds.
  7. I've got to split up these sinuosa soon, I can't believe how far they've come from spores! I've also got fresh spores available, does anyone have ant fern spores/plants they'd like to trade? I've been after deparioides lately!
  8. Some U. endressii about to bloom:
  9. Thanks! I've also got an FDK "after dark black pearl", hopefully it's next to bloom!
  10. I don't have as many orchids as I used to, but I plan to hang on to this one for as long as possible!
  11. One of my pulchella "Churi Tepui" flowered, nearly dwarfing the pitchers with the bloom, lol.
  12. Please delete this post, the first link I posted resulted in an undersized image, thank you.