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  1. Argentii

    Nepenthes argentii

    My favorite species! Very nice specimen.
  2. What an encouraging read! I'm glad an organization like this has made some relative amounts of head way in the N. clipeata campaign. I would like to just point out one thing, though, that the title of this thread is not exactly accurate - 260 plants is by no means *far* from being extinct.
  3. I had a pretty decent experience with Black Jungle, but I will say that the two Nepenthes I got from them have took longer to adapt to conditions than any that I've gotten anywhere else. Also they pitchered terribly and continue to do so. It's something like 8 months later and they are finally starting to produce notable pitchers. Also, one plant came with mites, and the other had almost no root system.
  4. That is so tragic! It reminds me of when the blue jays (or chickens) decimated my Dionea. I know that in the UK gun laws are a bit more stringent than in the U.S. so I suggest, if the fox returns again : Bow and Arrows + caffeine
  5. Wow, I would be really interested in seeing a picture or two of your plant! I didn't know they even could reach 5 ft in length.
  6. Hello all, I have searched a few of the major forums in the hobby for information and pictures of Nepenthes argentii. I have found plenty of information but not many pictures! I just received my first argentii 44 days ago. And now it has opened its first pitcher. I am happy, as this is a species I have liked very much for a long time. After studying some of the older threads on this forum I hear that there have been a number of people who have had their argentii flower successfully. Furthermore, there was a hybrid created a few years back, N. argentii x sibuyanensis, and apparently some made it to germination. How are these plants doing? What does an argentii hybrid look like? If there are any growers on this forum who have had this plant flower, what ever came of it? I'm very much interested in this species, and any hybrids that have been created. I'm also interested in hearing how people have had success in the long run growing this plant. Pictures of your plant whether small or mature are wanted! Here are a couple pictures of my first pitcher, it is a TC plant from Andreas Wistuba. :)