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  1. Hi all - well its been a couple of years and the longest hiatus away from CP's and ive found myself in a much more stable part of my life and yearning for the buzz, drip and drown of insect on CP! :) Have things changed much the last couple of years? I've seen a couple of Wistuba updates of new species found/cultivated? Anyhow, literally have no plants now id like to get a Nepenthes, highland for my very bright big windows - are we still trading on here or any good stockists around the UK now? Good to be back!
  2. Love that N. Jacqulineae - you find it a slow grower? Its highland right?
  3. Yes - CZplants are efficient and generous!
  4. lovely - just wish those SA Sundews wern't so hard to make thrive! Oh and what is that attractive looking substrate on the topsoil of the D. Slackii? Thanks for sharing
  5. I have a bit of an infestation right now and am using P. Tina to mop them up. It's ahving a great time!
  6. so um... :o Any fertiliser products people used successfully here in the UK, easily available ones? Having a tough time finding acid-loving plant fertiliser!
  7. What fertiliser products have people used successfully here in the UK? Having a tough time finding acid-loving plant fertiliser!
  8. Looks like a great event! Thanks fro the pics. What is that Nep in pic 89?
  9. When I lived in a centrally heated apartment block, I would place a tupaware dish filled with water and frozen in the day, in the Nepenthes vicinity. It would last pretty much all night and lower temperture a surprising amount. Now I have big windowsills, I keep the window closed all day and ajar in the night and all my Neps are pithering nicely! Sure there are a myriad of other ways but hope this helps.
  10. Hi there - After coming back from USA my Paradoxa is looking very sorry for itself. My nan did her best but 8 months away and all thats left is a long stalk with a few short in lenght petioles on the top. I think it was the tap water that gradually poisned it! Anyway its been repotted, superthrived and is in the sunshine in the day! I don't really have the hottest location but have a great airing cupboard which must be in the upper 90's, so am putting it in there at night to see if I can't revive it. Any suggestions to bring it back to life would be much appreciated!
  11. Exquisite! I'd also like to know your growing conditions! thanks for sharing!
  12. Ellis

    Hello Forum

    yea nan did her best but the boiled cooled water took its toll as did lack of spraying/humidifying efforts! Still early signs of recovery are very good - new shoots already!