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  1. That's a good way of putting it! I'm 22 winters young, but then I have lived in Indonesia for 15 years where we don't have winters so I'm actually a bit older than 22
  2. Troy

    Nepenthes inermis

    Mr Aga your avatar is coming up 400 x 400 pixels on my screen for some reason? Returning to the topic of this post, John says he is growing the plants in lowland conditions however 22C to 27C is not real lowland, those temps are bordering on intermediate. Lowlanders will do well in those temps but it also gives highland plants a bit more leeway as it's not quite as warm as true tropical lowland, which I would say is around 5C warmer.
  3. Nike may have been INVENTED where you are but I think they come from over where I am nowadays!
  4. Actually Gus reinwardtiana kind of crosses the border and grows in lowland and intermediate conditions, up over 1,000m altitude. I have seen it everywhere from sea level up to around 1,200m so it probably depends on the origin of your plant as to which conditions it likes. Cheers, Troy.
  5. Yeah, lovely hat Aidan. I can't quite see if you're wearing white gloves with it though... ;) Cheers, Troy.
  6. Hello all, long time no see. This is me and an almost prizewinning strawberry that went a bit funky on me. Here's another of my wife and youngest daughter with yet another feral veggie. Cheers, Troy.
  7. I have tasted the liquid from quite few different kinds of Neps. Some, like gracilis and singalana, are very watery and have almost no taste and aside from not wanting to destroy perfectly good pitchers I have no objection to drinking the liquid. Rafflesiana on the other hand has a fairly strong herbal taste that I don't like much and I prefer not to drink it. I wouldn't try any of the thick ones like inermis either, be like swallowing an oyster I imagine. YECHH Cheers, Troy.
  8. Troy

    Is this N. Tobaica?

    I agree with Joe on all counts. Bobbles pitcher is extremely eustachya like, can you post a pic of the leaves? There is no way that Rob's is tobaica, it has to have ventricosa as one parent. I cannot guess what the other is, I have never seen the hybrid you refer to. Cheers, Troy.
  9. What they're trying to say now is that there was no bad intelligence, just incorrect interpretation. Now there's a revelation....
  10. I agree Fly, not a boring job in the lot! Loaksey's job - seriously cool, I can imagine enjoying something like that myself. Langy if you're in a garden centre at least you get to indulge your passion for plants, that's a definite upside. I currently manage (and am a shareholder in) the Bali Orchid Garden which is a private operation as the Indonesian Gov has more urgent things to spend it's money on than orchids. We actually have three properties: a one hectare collection where we have about 500 species as well as some Neps, Amorphophallus, etc, a four hectare plantation of Heliconia and Anthuriums, and a seven hectare cut flower orchid plantation. We are the biggest supplier of cut flowers and rental orchids here in Bali. Cheers, Troy.
  11. Troy

    Nepenthes Tours

    Hello all I PM'd Andy to ask if I could advertise my site here and haven't received a response (negative or otherwise) so at the risk of offending the powers that be... My/our new site is almost completed with just a few things that need tidying up and some pics to add. If for no other reason than because there are some great "Neps in habitat" pics on the Gallery page please have a gander, and email me if you have any questions about our tours. Cheers, Troy.
  12. WHOA Gus, Josh is agreeing with you! In his roundabout way he's basically saying Nep growers are better educated. And me being the generally agreeable, placid kind of guy I am don't want to argue with that (now that's going to stir things up). Troy
  13. Gents (and ladies), nothing is ever truly black and white and as long as you can accept that then no problems. What the heck am I talking about? I am from Perth in Western Australia (WA), about 10 minutes away from where Allan lives actually. My very first CP's were Drosera that I collected from the vacant and soon to be built on housing estate lots near my house. Perth is a big, wide open and developing city and there is a lot of that going on. Massive tracts of land get cleared of vegetation and houses, shopping centres, whatever all stand above what just a few years before was virgin Australian bush. I have no way of knowing where or how Allan collects any of his plants or seed but I can say that there are many many (ad infinitum) plants that are built on every day and his collecting from housing estates (for example) would only be rescuing those plants from certain destruction anyway. My question is where do you draw the line? Is it OK to collect for yourself in this situation? Is it OK to collect and sell if there are literally thousands to be collected? Who has the authority to provide a valid reply to either of the above questions, why should it be you?! Again I must stress that I am not accusing Allan of doing this, I am posing a hypothetical question. Cheers, Troy.
  14. Troy

    CP expeditions?

    Yeah great Tim, I am supposed to be heading that way some time next year. What have you heard that I should know about?? Tamlin the trip to see D indica in Sumba isn't at all dangerous, it's just a pain in the posterioir to get there and possibly a lot of fooling around trying to find it. It's a big island. If you ever get the urge to visit this corner of the world and look for indica, let me know in advance and I'll make the time to come along. Cheers, Troy.
  15. Your link doesn't seem to be working BIGBREAKINL. Here's me and my son, edited to keep Tim happy . Cheers, Troy.