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  1. When I saw the first photo, the N. alata, I thought this would be one of those boring pic threads. . . but then the next one was a gorgeous N. burbidgeae! Wow! Fantastic Nep collection, I also enjoyed the Masdevallias and Dracs. Thanks for sharing. . .
  2. Some (terrible) pics of select plants... "The toilet Nep". N. jamban, 2nd pitcher in my care. Thanks to Jack & Jeanie at Hawaiian Bots! Seedgrown N. ampullaria, recovering... One of my favorite pitcherplants... backlit in evening sun. S. psittacina 'Green Rosette' x S. minor Anthocyanin-free Hamata! I like how the teeth become increasingly pronounced in each successive pitcher... Not the latest pitcher, but it's gaining color... Crap pic of the newest one. Opened just 2 days ago! You can see more defined teeth in this one... can't wait for it to color up.
  3. Thanks! That's exactly what I was going for with the first setup (in the link to the old OCPS forum). Only the bulbous heads of the pitchers were visible through the moss, but a few weeks later when new pitchers developed, they were thin and etiolated... So unfortunately, the health of the plant was sacrificed for seemingly good looks. Thanks! :) Given that I've only grown this species "successfully" for the past year, this is my second year with them actually being alive, I can't say that this is the optimal way of growing them. All the Montreal CP growers I know (including me) have th
  4. Haha, thanks. :) You might want to be careful with immersing them in deep trays of water... Make sure to change it or topwater regularly, as they don't seem to appreciate stagnant water too much...
  5. I improved the "setup" that I used last year, seen here. My plants are now growing in a large square net pot, that fits perfectly into one of the sides of the thermos cooler/water reservoir. Picked up the net-pot for $3.99 ;) Some of this year's pitchers... And finally, a flower! Pointing towards the sun. The cooler + aquarium pump seems to work well - the temperature of the media is at least around 18*C, but after a fresh change of the ice-packs it goes down to 14*C. So far, so good. . . Now to see how they survive in midsummer heat waves of Montreal . . . Probably will ha
  6. Hi CPUK! I've been lurking this forum since early 2011, never really posted anything. Thought it was time I dropped a "hello" here. :) I'm a high-school student in Montreal, I've been growing CPs since 2008-ish. Not as long as most on here, but I'm very happy with all the plants, info and friends I've made from having this hobby! I enjoy growing Sarracenia varieties, not so much cultivars, and have very recently found a new interest in highland Nepenthes. I'll be posting my growlist shortly. I'm mostly active on the Ontario CP society forums,, and I lurk the ICPS forums as w