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  1. Hornet

    Sarra id's?

    wow thanks guys
  2. Hornet

    Nep id's

    the first i though ventricosa but the 2nd i wasnt too sure of, couldnt get a decent pic (they are 2 different plants) will try and get a batter pic today
  3. Hornet

    Sarra id's?

    Any idea what these are?
  4. Hornet

    Nep id's

    can anyone tell me what these neps may be or at least what species they may be derived from if they are hybrids?
  5. its deff not sterilized, i have the odd bit start growing indoors but never does well, possibly from using tap water?
  6. some of them are labeled as ventricosa, other are not labeled but look identical and are from the same grower just with a different tag
  7. unfortunately all my neps so far have came from bunnings, big w or local nurseries although i believe some came from collectors corner in victoria (Nepenthes ventricosa and Nepenthes miranda) and one came from Exotica plants (Nepenthes red leopard)
  8. Just wondering is there a good website i can visit to learn what plants are what as i'm currently unsure of whats what in my collection
  9. did you have the list of what species we can import or know where i can get it? I had an unusual situation recently when buying a hybrid, both the parents were permitted imports but the hybrid wasnt lol
  10. Cheers guys, we can legally import clean seed but i'm not sure how we would go with importing pods, i guess if they were dry and not fleshy it might be ok.
  11. Some are growing in plastic bags of pure sphagnum and others are potted in perlite
  12. I have never had much luck getting sphagnum to grow. After a period of a few months it starts to turn green and slimy and rot. What conditions does it need?
  13. Can anyone suggest a good reliable supplier of Nep species seed? Not many seed dealers over here in aus
  14. Just wondering when do people pot up nepenthes cuttings? How long should the roots be?
  15. Can any aussie growers recommend nepenths suitable for culture in Melbourne?