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  1. hello! i use "orchid focus" (same ingredients as you have listed) i also mix in a little peat & perlite as well as sphag moss, im no expert but it works well for me! ive also noticed some growers add "chunks" of sponge to their mixes. hope this is of some help to you
  2. Beautiful plants & a greenhouse to envy!
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    Hey guys! i,ll try & take a photo of the whole plant soon. its in my overcrowded terrarium Ive not had any problems with this plant, i grow it in an old Aquarium Lit with 2x 36watt t8 lights Temps between 27 & 18c It seems to appreciate high humidity its a beautiful plant to grow , nice dark green leaves as well as one of the most Beautiful pitchers .in my oppinion Its in here! 2nd from the back! 421678_10151247706420098_730381221_n by elvis g, on Flickr
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    Flava x Sib

    I have another plant, from the same seed batch, which is alot slower, darker, smaller than this one i Guess it would be similar to yours???
  5. Thanx for sharing your pics (i find it easier to do so, now im sober!) Im inclined to agree with your statement af Eymae being an extreme of Maxima IM guessing our plants could be a cross between Eymae & Maxima, apparently none of the plants in Kews private collection are "true" Eymae,s, maybe they should only be propagated vegativley?
  6. Hello Manders, i guess im still having problems "sharing" photos! I agree about the " name" thing I love this plant! CK or not , pants are pants!!!! im not a "fan" of "Goldie" the sarracenia, but it has a "designer" name so can demand a higher price!!?? HOPEFULLY you can now see the pics i intended for my previous post 285688_10150873662145098_685899144_n by elvis g, on Flickr 197815_10150873671910098_672617986_n (1) by elvis g, on Flickr TigerJoe 016 by elvis g, on Flickr TigerJoe 045 by elvis g, on Flickr
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    Im slightly drunk! but yes iam rubbish!
  8. 62328_10151247700830098_700110982_n by elvis g, on Flickr 734428_10151247702920098_1942915987_n by elvis g, on Flickr 32182_10151247702695098_755948068_n by elvis g, on Flickr Pictures of my Jamban Are they normally this "dark"? ive only seen Yellow/green ones?
  9. This is my "Eymae"! I got this plant from Kew during the CPS open day. it was the first plant that i had got in Vitro Its been growing in a terrarium, with "summer holidays" in the greenhouse It has just recently put out its first "upper" pitcher, the real "test" for any plhttp://i1309.photobucket.com/albums/s639/mark_griffin2/197815_10150873671910098_672617986_n_zpsfffae395.jpgant "tagged" as Eymae.! http://i1309.photobu...http://i1309.photobu...zps59c3da98.jpg http://i1309.photobu...zps866b72aa.jpg http://i1309.photobu...zps3085ab0f.jpg http://i1309.photobu...zps734f8943.jpg I no
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    Sorry! trying to upload fro Facebook!!! thats my "Eymae"
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    https://fbcdn-sphoto...97_647416_n.jpg ??
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    A picture taken last year CPs 045 by elvis g, on Flickr
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    Flava x Sib

    http://www.flickr.co...N04/8600404307/ Flava x Sib from the EEE at chester
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    2nd go!

    http://www.flickr.co...N04/8600390497/ maybe this time?
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    first post

    http://www.flickr.co...s/[email protected]/ Hello, not sure if this is gona work!!! this is my first attempt at posting a photo!
  16. Getting back to the point of "possible carnivory in plants" has anyone done any research,or are aware of any proof that Schizolobium Parahyba may be carnivorous? I have grown this species (known as a Brazilian tree fern) and the "leading" stem of this plant is Very sticky and "trapped" many small flies!! There must be some reason for this, but im no scientist, i just like weird plants!!! ;)
  17. Whatever the outcome im sure that im not the first to request one!!!! Congratulations on your "new Babies"!
  18. Thanx Les, i have had a change of plans now, and my wife doesnt need our car! so i will be going to Mikes under my own steam! thank you so much for your offer, i hope to meet you there! Im also trying to convince my wife that i need to attend your open day!! Enjoy the weekend & drive safe!
  19. Hello, is there anyone going to mike kings that has room for me? I live in Chippenham Wiltshire, and can get to local destinations for a pick up i have £ for petrol, and probably a small tray of plants to take with me! thanks!