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  1. elvis

    Early Ping!

    Im not really a "Ping" guy, but everyone needs at least one! Is this early or normal as this is only the second year i have grown it and it didnt flower till Late May last year! snaps 948 by elvis g, on Flickr
  2. fantastic, there is no substitute for wild populations, it must take your breath away everytime you see them
  3. Ive been growing Neps in a an aquarium for 5-6 years, using 2x 36watt T8s if you have no or little airflow you may get white fuzzy fungus (mucor) i have problems with it know as i have to keep the lid on to stop My little ponies or tractors being thrown in!
  4. Nice to see your plants "planted up" good luck dude!
  5. I would go for Hamata, its easier & you will get a bigger plant Rumour is that Eddy will become more available & cheaper as there is more material in TC!
  6. I must be really Lucky!!! ive ordered twice from Roraima & i have nothing but good things to say!!! shipping can take a week or so more but when queried i got a quick response. the plants were of excellent quality! the packaging could be sturdier, but there is an option for a "polystirene " box
  7. awesome! its "scary" how big they can get!
  8. N. Parvana maybe a "cultivar" name of that cross??
  9. Very nice! Especially Lowii x Spectabilis There is a big market for Nep seeds!!!
  10. I have grown Chilensis from seed too but they have always Died!! I intend to grow some more this year in a more "Open" mix of soil Ive been advised to grow it like a succulent My first attempts failed probably due to soil/ temps The seeds i got were from "Chiltern" , i pre soak for 24hrs then only lightly cover the seed with soil , sand, or Vermiculite
  11. elvis

    A few pics

    Im not saying that its EASY!!!! It just grows easy for me! apparently it gets "fussier" in old age, but i know alot of Experienced growers still have trouble with it
  12. elvis

    A few pics

    Thanx guys! I grow the Villosa as a "Highlander" At the moment its in a terrarium which is 25c -16c , its potted in live sphag/peat/perlite i occasionaly spray with orchid fertilizer the plant is surrounded by other Neps with "overgrown moss" (I guess this increases the humidity) And thats all i can say really!! I never Knew that it was such a "problem plant"
  13. WOW! fantastic! I have been "trying " to grow Aristolochia for years, i now have Esperanzae minor Macroura Veracruzana Fimbriata Ridicula Triangularis Chapada dos Guimaraes all seedgrown I also have A. sempervirens ( below) which is completely hardy for me in the UK ! snaps 131 by elvis g, on Flickr What soil do you use for your plant? There is an Aristolochia page on Facebook now!
  14. elvis

    A few pics

    Thanx Guys!! The "young" villosa has been growing quite well for me in the last 4 years!!!
  15. I grew this Aristolochia Baetica from seed 3 years ago It finally flowered for me on new years day snaps 760 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 752 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 750 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 748 by elvis g, on Flickr
  16. elvis

    A few pics

    just a few pics Burb x Talang snaps 625 by elvis g, on Flickr Lingulata snaps 627 by elvis g, on Flickr Boschiana x Densiflora snaps 731 by elvis g, on Flickr Ventricosa x Lowii snaps 733 by elvis g, on Flickr Lowii x Campanulata snaps 740 by elvis g, on Flickr "Gothica" snaps 742 by elvis g, on Flickr Peltata hybrid snaps 744 by elvis g, on Flickr Villosa snaps 735 by elvis g, on Flickr Villosa snaps 730 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 736 by elvis g, on Flickr
  17. nice plants! cant wait to see the fruits of your labour!! would love some seeds!
  18. elvis

    pitcher pictures

    thanx for the comments! I have a homemade terrarium (shown) its basically a frame of timber (1inch x2inch) that is 4.5ft long, 2ft high & 2ft wide, this is covered with 6mm plyboard, painted on the inside with weatherproof paint then coated wth aluminium foil, it has a glass front and 2x 36watt tube lights powered by an aquarium "starter" the pots are on wire mesh over Seedtrays I also have 2 similar set ups using old Aquariums I basically ran out of money to get my greenhouse insulated & heated this year!
  19. HEY! Heres a few pics ( for those of you who havent seen my FB postsFlava x Sib (clone2) snaps 572 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 571 by elvis g, on Flickr Singalana X Dubia snaps 561 by elvis g, on Flickr Talang x Sib snaps 554 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 578 by elvis g, on Flickr Hamata & "Spamata* snaps 573 by elvis g, on Flickr "My name is "Elvis, & I have a problem!"" snaps 570 by elvis g, on Flickr snaps 569 by elvis g, on Flickr
  20. NO HARM at the moment!!!!! WARNING!!! it will take over your life/ your house/ your greenhouse!!!1 But you,ll meet some cool people on your "downward spiral"
  21. Hi Rob, really looking forwards to the Raff x Sib, it was one of my favourites at Hampton!
  22. I was under the impression yhat plants could be sent within the EU this is not the case i have had parcels to France & Italy rejected from our local post office! there seems to be a " grey area"