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  1. i used  a seedling compost with added perlite approx 1-1 ratio


     soak the seeds for 24 hours


     surface sow (which is tricky as seeds are sticky!!


    and placed in a heated propagator out of bright sun


    the plants dont enjoy full sun or the full heat of a summer greenhouse, and keep them above 5c and dry in winter

  2. its a basal shoot

      its common and expected from most neps

    you can leave it alone

     OR remove it & root it

    OR trim back your mainstem to create cuttings & the Basal should get bigger rapidly


    it can be the result of stress to the main stem (if the stem is bending under the weight of its self, the plant produces a basal as insurance if the main stem snaps)


    OR the result of a tissue cultured plant (growth hormones in TC help to produce many growth points)

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  3. 22942741086_4b2c43c780_h.jpgDSCF1062 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Lowii x Vent



    22347607643_d5e619a977_h.jpgDSCF1060 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Vent- Porceline form



    22346039314_92d914d6e9_h.jpgDSCF1059 by elvis g, on Flickr




    22942753466_1f6fb68d3b_h.jpgDSCF1058 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Seedgrown Izumae



    22955379422_26c3443331_h.jpgDSCF1057 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Ventx Sib x.......??? i forget



    22780762980_b7de4ef475_h.jpgDSCF1056 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Robc x Talang




    22550435497_29d1a6abba_h.jpgDSCF1053 by elvis g, on Flickr




    22346072564_4016701110_h.jpgDSCF1049 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Lady Pauline



    22942797736_76a3cd3561_h.jpgDSCF1045 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Spec x Talang



    22955413862_00aa7f993e_h.jpgDSCF1047 by elvis g, on Flickr

    Rigidifolia x Spect -- from wild seed

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  4. soils really depend on conditions as well as plants


      the Roraima mix seems a good one, im sure the coir will have been "washed" (you could ask Mekk, on the forum)


    I use peat perlite coir moss & a little bit of sponge (the kind you wash yourself/car with)


     i get my coir from "Fertile fibre"  check ebay for orchid coco chips

  5.  I think that ive had this for 7 years

       But i did break off the roots when i dropped the pot!!!!

    #] obviously it recovered and a year later.... i did the same!!!!


     i grew this in a "warm" terrarium for the first 4-5 years

  6. thanx! i used to grow it in a terrarium along with a hookeriana, temps rarely dropped lower than 18c


     i never knew it was a problem plant to grow!!


    if you can get a hold of one, try it!!

      keep humidity up by surrounding it in live Sphag