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  1. elvis

    Winter pitchers

    Absolutely stunning plants! BUT i too need the clone of the Spectabilis, it looks very similar to Spec x Talang
  2. very nice! if i recall correctly the Fim leaves have silver veins what conditions do you give to the Macroura?? there is an Aristo page on FB, great place for seeds
  3. i used a seedling compost with added perlite approx 1-1 ratio soak the seeds for 24 hours surface sow (which is tricky as seeds are sticky!! and placed in a heated propagator out of bright sun the plants dont enjoy full sun or the full heat of a summer greenhouse, and keep them above 5c and dry in winter
  4. its a basal shoot its common and expected from most neps you can leave it alone OR remove it & root it OR trim back your mainstem to create cuttings & the Basal should get bigger rapidly it can be the result of stress to the main stem (if the stem is bending under the weight of its self, the plant produces a basal as insurance if the main stem snaps) OR the result of a tissue cultured plant (growth hormones in TC help to produce many growth points)
  5. elvis

    Xmas pitchers

    NICE!. It maybe from the same seed batch as mine? i got that in late '13 it too sulked & is about 2ft across 006 by elvis g, on Flickr
  6. elvis

    Xmas pitchers

    incredible! that Peltata is huge, how old is it???
  7. my eddy is doing well kept at 22-15c, my villosa (pics on the Nep page) is grown as a normal HL plant BUT experinces highs of 40c in summer
  8. i think that prolonged exposure to such temps would be fatal why are you wanting to keep neps at that heat?? if its in a cold greenhouse tou could heat a small terrarium with just a gro lite, turned on a t night ??
  9. awesome plants thats the nicest Boschiana ive ever seen!
  10. elvis


    some random new-ish additions DSCF0946 by elvis g, on Flickr Taminii seedling DSCF0941 by elvis g, on Flickr Copelandi x (sib x Vent) DSCF0940 by elvis g, on Flickr DSCF0939 by elvis g, on Flickr Lingulata from wild seed DSCF1031 by elvis g, on Flickr Aristo x Spec X Robc DSCF0682 by elvis g, on Flickr LVB x Burb DSCF0681 by elvis g, on Flickr (Lowii x Veitchii) X Burb
  11. elvis

    seedlings etc

    Winter is here!! although my Ghouse is heated i still have no lighting in there going to work & coming back in the dark is no fun!! SO,.... i still have an indoor tank to keep me "sane" Heres my Seedlings, cuttings & ICU for Neps DSCF1113 by elvis g, on Flickr DSCF1114 by elvis g, on Flickr
  12. ive just potted on 13 Raff x (vent x sib) seedlings I nearly forgot about them!
  13. im waiting for more Raff x HL Plants ive seen the Raff x Hamata & its not " showy enough"
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