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  1. His book, 'Carnivorous Plants', is in my school library and on the 1st or 2nd page, there is his signature, a litle message to our school and the date, which I think was 1985 or something like that and I've borrowed it many times as it is a very interesting book to read.
  2. Very Nice! I especially loved the picture of the nepenthes basket covered in sphagnum.
  3. I bought them before at pets and home last year. But I didn't have success with it and it was a bit pricey though! I think it was £7-£8.
  4. hmmm... we had a hot record breaking April last year but now, THIS!
  5. I hate when spammers do that! Its just so annoying and takes up space.
  6. I bought one of those before at homebase! My mum thought that it wouldn't be safe for CPs as it has a greenish artificial colouring added to it but I ignored her and bought one. I think it was around £4 or something. I don't think that it will affect the CPS too much though. Here's a thread on FTC about chopping this sphagnum up started by me when I was still a noob. http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/post72517.html#p72517 In the end, I managed to chop it up finely using a food processor and used it for D. capensis but it dried out too quickly (I might've chopped it too finely) so I dumped it into a coleus pot as a top dressing.
  7. Beautiful! I've got a few hundred seeds I'm nurturing myself.
  8. I didn't even know sarrs could do that! Weird!
  9. Really? Its only been a light shower for us down here in Croydon. Hopefully, it will rain heavier tomorrow!
  10. Awesome! The title fits/matches the concept picture perfectly!
  11. Nope! Nothing sounds strange to me! From what I've understood from the info on the ebay page, its a new clone they're trying to introduce into cultivation which hasn't been mass produced yet.
  12. Very Good Choice there! For people on a lower buget, a Canon EOS 550D's very good as well. I got it as a gift last year and its so awesome!
  13. I love the pictures! I hope you had an enjoyable time there.
  14. Also mobile, what conditions do you grow it in?
  15. That's my wish. I can't afford it and saving up will take me ages since I'm only 13. I use Canon EOS 550D
  16. Thanks but I already looked at that page before and some info are incorrect. The pgae mentions that his website is 'sarracenia.co.uk' but it is owned by Les who lives in Somerset and has no relation to Chris what so ever. I send already sent him an email yesterday night to the adress it mentions on the site and haven't got a reply back yet so either he's very busy or the site has the wrong email adress.
  17. Stephen, I live in Croydon which is only about 10 mins away from Carshalton. I heard that his nursery is based in Carshalton and would like to book an appointment to visit him one day. The only problem is that I don't know any ways of contacting him and I wondered if anyone knew his email adress or if he has a website. Thanks!
  18. "fused tooth x bumblebee" just basically means seeds collected from fused tooth plants which were pollinated by bumblebees. Triffidnurseries used to have it in stock for about a week until they ran out. I emailed them and that's what they said. Just basically seeds collected from fused tooth plants pollinated by bumblebees.
  19. 13. I'm getting too old for life... ;)
  20. 'James O'niel' I'm a year and 2 months late but that guy is the infamous: Steve Backshall.