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  1. 0rmus, its Dianne* :wink:

    I thought I was going to get no more than 20 plants as I asked for 4 batches but I got more than 80 instead! :jive: I ran out of peat while repotting the sarrs and until I can get some more, I'm standing them in water.

    Thanks a lot Ian and Dianne!!! :good2:

    Edit: Newcoms posted at the exact same time as me! 19:31PM. LOL

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  2. Do you work at or own 'Little Shop Of Horrors'? I saw that exact picture here.

    I have no idea if I can post links. Apologies if you can't. I did make an effort to look for the rules. I failed. I'm new.

    I have a Great White Shark. Not as big as this yet.

    He's Aliatair.P, the owner of South West Carnivorous plants. (AKA. littleshopofhorrors)

  3. Cheers guys,

    Now I really am confused as I would like to find out what it is but now unsure as to whether or not to take it out of CP medium and try it in something more nutrient heavy...

    I'm pretty sure it is a dragonfruit seedling. If it is, the usual CP should be fine as I used to grow them in it.

    But just to be sure, do what petesredtraps said and wait until you can get a clear identification. Only time will tell. :Laie_97:

  4. Doesn't look like a nepenthes seedling to me ( or any other CP). If the soil has not been sterilized properly, weeds can sometimes sneak in. I can't tell what it its, but why don't you move it into a different pot and let it grow for a while?

    I thought it was a ceph seedling until I read your post and looked at the photo carefully. It looks like a dragonfruit seedling to me.

    An example below:


  5. Nice one it's from a dutch grower if im right i got the 'Louisa' version of it someone told me about this plant. I'll try to find the info back if i can find it!



    Ok found it:

    These are 2 new cultivars from the grower Toon Kuipers. He made the 'Linda' and 'Louisa'. And he also developed the stand so the pitchers can hang nicely.

    Greetings Rick

    Some info on them here:



  6. That's unfortunate it didn't grow for you. i've had no trouble growin it, i have a big outdoor bog container that is growin away fine and numerous indoor propagators growing nicely too. what conditions did you try growing the sphagnum in?

    I had it in a propagator but mould soon took over while I was on holiday. A small pot in a nep terrarium survived but I really can't remember what happened to it. :S