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  1. A little overcast but it's still quite warm!
  2. That mini-adult pitcher looks so cute! Great work.
  3. Looks like a M. Pudica seedling though! (AKA. the sensitive plant)
  4. I say Sa-ra-seh-knee-ah Loo-co-fill-ah But in latin, its the spelling which is important, not the pronounciation. (I learn Latin )
  5. Yes, you didn't spell it right. Its Catesbaei.
  6. 0rmus, its Dianne* I thought I was going to get no more than 20 plants as I asked for 4 batches but I got more than 80 instead! I ran out of peat while repotting the sarrs and until I can get some more, I'm standing them in water. Thanks a lot Ian and Dianne!!! Edit: Newcoms posted at the exact same time as me! 19:31PM. LOL
  7. He's Aliatair.P, the owner of South West Carnivorous plants. (AKA. littleshopofhorrors)
  8. Wow Cedric! All I can say is ASTOUNDING! Very nice sarrs.
  9. I'm pretty sure it is a dragonfruit seedling. If it is, the usual CP should be fine as I used to grow them in it. But just to be sure, do what petesredtraps said and wait until you can get a clear identification. Only time will tell.
  10. I believe that there also some false vivipary action going on at the base of the stalk as one of the new growths I can see are not growing from the rhizome. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Welcome! I live in Croydon but I don't grow any utrics, sorry!
  12. I thought it was a ceph seedling until I read your post and looked at the photo carefully. It looks like a dragonfruit seedling to me. An example below:
  13. Your collection looks great! Your new plant looks like a S. x Chelsonii (rubra x purpurea) to me BTW. Others might disagree here but its just my thought.
  14. When I read the title, I thought that it said 'cephalotus in airports! Nice find BTW.
  15. Beautiful plants! I just love how the scales on the Trichterfalle leaf blends in with the sphagnum!
  16. Some info on them here: linda louisa
  17. I had it in a propagator but mould soon took over while I was on holiday. A small pot in a nep terrarium survived but I really can't remember what happened to it. :S