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  1. I think i will have to make more experiments in the future. I will let you know my results for sure. How important is pH and water for coloration? Did you get any other results or difference in temperatures between night and day is the only important factor? (except bright sun of course)
  2. Plants are outdoors in a bright sun, they always stand in a water but I would say that air humidity is low. Is humidity a reason why plants in a greenhouse get bright colors?
  3. Hi Will! I never measured pH of my peat but your words sound reasonable to me. I had experiment with other water but this was demineralised water from the store, and this water could also had some chemicals added that could change pH. I had the most bright red traps in autumn when rains came and i could collect larger amount of rainwater, but also temperatures went lower. Next year i will have to make experiment both with water and temperatures. Thank you Will! I also had theory that my plants eat a lot, so they don't have to waste their energy in producing red traps. That theory s
  4. People in this topic tested infected plants, and said that it's fungus infection (Thank you so much!) My plants make the same pattern. I soaked them in fungicide called Baycor (produced by Bayer company). In Croatia I couldn't find products that people recommended on this topic. I also don't know did it worked because they stopped growing now. I was also thinking about destroying those infected plants, but i might give them to someone who is interested in phytopathology. I just hope that next spring other plants won't show signs of infection
  5. Hi! I also have fungus problems. Here are more photos: This fungus doesn't kill my plants. They are just weaker ad growing more slowly. Infected plants are separated from the healthy ones and treated with fungicide.
  6. I suspected they could be too hot. The growth is very good where i keep them and i supposed instantly those are the perfect conditions. I will replace some of them to the less hotter position next spring. jesse!
  7. Thank you for the welcome and reply! Sun is direct (no shading or filtered). In july and august it gets so hot that Sempervivums(that I grow near by) shrivel. Dionaea-s are most beautiful at this time. My friend keeps her plants in the same conditions. She doesn't have a greenhouse. I know she sent me red clones. She also sent me clones with red teeth, but as you can presume...plants in my cultivation have only green teeth. Also, few years ago i bought plant that had bright red traps. New leafs lost coloration and i wasn't able to achieve such coloration ever again. This plant gets f
  8. Hello! I'm Marko and I'm a new member of this forum. I grow Venus Flytraps for few years. Here are some photos: I think my plants are doing good except one thing: they have a weak coloration. They get few bright red traps, but that's very rare. CLONES: You might think i have greener clones and that is what i thought until i didn't exchanged plants. My friend from Belgrade has plants with bright red traps and when we exchanged plants, they became pink-green. She took a photo of her plants: and here the same plants in my cultivation LIGHT: my plants are in a bright