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  1. I've fixed the Base down by screwing it into the concrete slabs it sits on. Kept all windows and doors shut in strong winds and so far no damage. Sent from my SM-A300FU using Tapatalk
  2. Found these for you in Cambridge:
  3. Has anyone purchased plants from this member before, and if so, what was your experience with him like?
  4. Does anyone know where I can get VFT's wholesale in the UK?
  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of carnivorous plants, and also the CPUK. I recommend a visit to Hampshire Carnivorous Plants too. Plenty of good growers who will all be happy to offer advice etc.
  6. Member menu working ok for me in Firefox and Explorer too. I dont use Chrome so can't comment.
  7. Same here, but no speed issues as before.
  8. These guys also sell it: Collyers Nurseries 260 Nottingham Road Borrowash, Derby DE72 3FR Telephone: 01332 662035 Facismile:01332 669874
  9. can you pm me a list of plants that you have for sale please?
  10. Seen my first Pinguicula growing on Snowdon today. Well, sort of anyway. On ITV last night, a new programme - Britains Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls, at 26 mins 13 seconds into the programme, bear comes across a Pingucula and also some Sphagnum moss, and gives a very brief explanation as to how the plant works.
  11. Please add me to your waiting list for Bloody Nurse and Hellcat
  12. Very nice, I would love a ungekrempelt ;)