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  1. Hiya - welcome to CPUK
  2. I was a Police Officer with Nottinghamshire Police. I have also worked in Human Resources for Greggs. Myself and my wife have just opened our 2nd business - I also work as part of Donington Emergency Services Team.
  3. I use the Brother P-Touch 1230pc and use laminated labels. It also allows you to add your own logo etc to the label. Not handheld - you need to connect it to your laptop via usb but its a very good printer.
  4. I use exactly the same mix too, seems to work fine.
  5. Erm, well - I set up a "tank" with sand in the bottom etc etc, but it didnt really work. So at the moment its in a tub of rainwater and seems to be going ok at the moment but it will need setting up properly this year I think.
  6. the site you mention 40-50 mins drive away, what grows there?
  7. Do you find that makes for stronger growth of new pitchers or is it just for generally tidying up the plants?
  8. Who would be up for that? I would
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone, I will do the same then and just remove brown bits. That's gonna save me alot of time.
  10. Usually, by now, I have cut back all the dead growth off the Sarracenia, but at the moment alot of them still have a good amount of green growth on them. Do I cut them back or leave them?
  11. cactus 1 & 2 are both species of Mammillaria, although the exact species I'm not certain of. You could ask my friend Brian Fearn who owns britains oldest cactus nursery (Abbey Brook Cactus Nursery) at or another friend who is very reliable is Bryan Goodey, who owns Southfield Nurseries Hope this helps.
  12. both my greenhouses are bolted to the ground through concrete - never had any problems with movement, even in 80mph winds the other week.
  13. Never seem to have enough space with this hobby lol
  14. Good to hear that nobody was injured. Do any of your neighbours opposite have cctv that may have seen events leading upto the fire?
  15. Hi Paul, welcome to CPUK, from another Nottingham chap
  16. welcome back to the forum
  17. I always use clover and so far have had no problems.