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  1. Is Nottingham close enough?
  2. Years ago, there were loads of cactus nurseries up and down the UK that sold Lithops. I have recently decided to start growing them again, but i'm finding it very difficult indeed to find anyone in the Uk that has a decent selection for sale. Abbey Brook Cacti in Matlock sys it holds the National Collection - I went up there the other day and the place is falling to bits, and there were only about ten different species of Lithops on offer. Southfield Nurseries in Bourne also used to sell Lithops, but theres no mention of them at all on their website? Whats going on?
  3. Sadly I will be unable to come as I currently dont drive and so my wife would have to bring me, but not being a member would mean she would be left in the car on her own. It would seem a bot rude of me to expect her to drive me down there and then ask her to wait in the car lol.
  4. Does anyone think Annette will have the nerve to actually turn up at the AGM? I will certainly be backing the long standing and hard working committee.
  5. Can anyone tell me of the contents and layout of the two books below are pretty much the same. The reason I ask is because I had both books at one point but for some reason cannot find the second book listed below. I wonder if I got rid of it because it was the same inside - just a different title used? 1) Growing Carnivorous Plants by Barry Rice 2) The Complete Growers Guide To Carnivorous Plants by Barry Rice Cheers
  6. Has anyone seen the new book thats due for publication in March 2019?
  7. Carnivine


    Hello Hayley, welcome to CPUK.
  8. I also grow this plant and when it flowered for me one night, the fragrance in the greenhouse was fantastic. Only lasts for one night though.
  9. Im using Erin Irish moss peat. Has anyone tried that, and if so, how did it go?
  10. I have a few Sarracenia that have rather unfortunately got a bad dose of mealy bug in the roots. Years ago I grew cacti and the best way to treat root mealy bugs on cactiwas to submerge the roots into a bowl of methylated spirits, let them dry and then re-pot. Is this treatment safe to use on Sarracenias? If not, what is the best way to treat this?
  11. I'm still waiting for my first Sarracenia flower to open, plenty in bud but no flowers as yet.