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  1. thanks!!! nice pics and its cool you shared them :) cheers
  2. Hi, 30 posts, then i dont know if you can check it,but of course the post must be a lil bit interesting ,not a simple "hi" . best regards
  3. salut!!! ça va tu t'éclates bien?! content pour toi que tu aies vu des genlisea,j'avais cru comprendre que tu adorais le genre ;) amuse toi bien! et à bientôt
  4. hi :) its an Amorphophallus but i dont know wich specie exactly..sorry regards
  5. extrem plants is the best,choice is less big,but plants are 10 times stronger and bigger compae to other sellers in general.if not,ask us wich paltns you want,you can find good prices on the forum you know regards
  6. Hi,thx for the pics. Yes the best is to call them typicals, too much people give name to dionaea and now it's a big mess regards :)
  7. will T

    Wistuba Order

    Hard to have an answer (fast) from wistuba,and do beware,plants are really juvenile
  8. yes, i've a pot of filiformis doing the same thing all the time ^^ thx for share it
  9. Hi, it's kidding to asnwer to this vote,good idea.:) But i'd like to advise you about one thing,we should say from where we are,this is very important,cause the weather is different and depends about where you live. Me i dont need to treat the seeds cause conditions are really good in my region (south east of France),but other ppl will tell you that you must treat them and they will be right too,cause they could come from North of europe... Best regards
  10. will T


    Hi! i did some try with these plants, until 0 degree,the plants gone in dormancy,and came back some months later,in the end of april beginning of may,i live in south of france and i dont use to warm my greenhouse.regards
  11. hi and thx for pics,yes i dont think it's squamosa ;) but for tubaestylis i'm close to be sure that it is this plant
  12. Hi, last year i found two new form of these pygmies,i'd like to officialize it but i need a orsome living plants to prove it,but of course i wont go back to australia just to take these plants,so i'd like to know if someone in this forum live close to WALPOLE and could send me them pls? Cause i saw them with Phil Mann (really cool and serious man,he did 1000 kms just to seethem by himself,in one day) but since some times nobody can join him unfortunately. I talked to that to Allen Lowrie and gave me three times thee different answers and at the end he told methat he'll publish them in his nex
  13. Hi! For paradoxa,i dont cut the flower stalk, i put it on a wet soil in a sunny place, and you'll see that the stalk will do roots naturally :) if you want,you can do some little cut,very little, to help the stalk to do more roots...so more plantlets ;) regards
  14. Hi, where he found it pls? cheers
  15. i've a lot of gemmae if you're interested by exchange,pm me please!:)
  16. hi,yes,very fast to grow,but you've todo beware with the snails,they ate all in one night,i was disgusted...it's a very nice plants in the wild,i saw them in australia and i'll talk about it in my book who'll be ready at the end of the year (about cp's and triggerplants) good luck!
  17. Welcome!!:) yes, like they said,here you'll be very happy, to learn always more and more about these plants.good choice ;) see ya
  18. Hi, yes the other Will is right,dont care about the name ,sawtooth is enough,if everybody give a name because he has a very little difference than the normal type,we will never finish to give new names,its totally crazy and ridiculous all these names.concentrate yourself on the plants you prefer and dont look at these very little differences cause every seed can be different,remember that ;) cheers,Will.
  19. HI, maybe you should wait one year more for pitchers,and the most important,give a look to the flower too,sometimes they can have some little differences,but honestly, i dont like all these ppl who give a lot of nickname to sarracenia and/or dionaea generally. it's not serious, for example, a dionaea (the same) can have six different names... totally silly.... good luck best regards
  20. first pic : drosera scorpioides with two leaves of hybrida second: akay ryu third and four : some sarracenia fifth : sarracenia courtii sixth : rubricorpora seventh : utricularia reniformis 2010, but soon 2011 pics, very good yr, i had probably one hundred flowers,and still flowering after three months! eighth : filiformis flowering ninth : glandilugera in wild (october 2010,i'm finishing my book about australian cp's ;) ) hoping you'll like,best regards
  21. i forgot to tell it, i saw simplex, not paulinae...
  22. Hi, i saw them in Australia (south west of albany), they live in sand mainly,the soil was maybe 65% of white sand,but i saw some with only 30% of sand,so i dont think the mix will be a problem...but humidity could be,they need when they're not in dormance to have the soil very wet,sometimes with two centimeters of water on the foot.sunny place. best regards
  23. will T

    About Vft

    Hi everybody,someone could show me and tell me how are the ten unamed mixed of VFT, to see if the dionaea are different and nices ? thx!!best regards