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  1. Hi, how are you ? :)  how much fulva you have for sale please? kind regards

    1. Petr


      Hello, 4 plants


    2. Petr


      I am fine, thanks.

  2. I agree about the fact the book will be great. That's sure. But I can tell you that lowrie is not honest for sure (my source and some others sure sources). He took locations of plants to some people promising things i' exchange and... Nothing... Cheater, simply. If next year I ve a job with a museum I ll have all the time to do something nice, in collaboration with some Germans and italians, and I hope i could build a strong project to do concurrency... Cheers and I hope you ll get your books ASAP ;) cause I wasnt mad against ppl who bought it, just sad for you because of the delay. More than one year of late it's a new record
  3. Honestly I don't know Redfern, but I know a Lil bit how act lowrie and it's for that I was very critic against these books since the beginning... And I was right sadly, I'm sorry for all people who pre order them books. Maybe you could try to get money back and boycott this book... That would be an answer they should take more seriously...
  4. because they will need more time to print all, to get back the books from the printer , then to prepare the order and sign them,plus the delay to send it to the buyers...
  5. and it wont happen on the first week of may...
  6. Hello, if someone can show me the pics of the new species it would be very nice, i like the work of Stewart but absolutly not the work of lowrie, who s clearly a stealer! me and a friend would like to verify these pics to see if he cheated us or not,so any help is welcome.pm me please. thanks and cheers
  7. I agree, no comment, thy take people for idiots doing it... Problem is that people will buy it do they won't change their ways to act and it will continu
  8. It's sad phill Mann doesn't do books, he s really good, and he doesn't steal people like lowrie did, does and will continu to do... I hope a day a guy will go in Australia (or another Australian) and will do concurrency to lowrie...
  9. Hi thxxx ! Very Nice erythrorhiza ! Did u See There were some stylidium (triggerplants) on your pics ? Email me if u want helps for locations :[email protected] Cheers
  10. I visited other natural swamp reserved, but Just some Sarracenia resisted to the american way of life...
  11. Hi, i Just came back from North carolina and i saw only few Sarracenia and sundew i was really deceived. I met the worth cp collector, Josh lynch, very cold and not open minded person Who told me that there's no guide in North carolina, so who's this mark pls, he looks great. I hope to go There another time and meet him. If not i went to some places, but a lot of Sarracenia disappears, they re very endangered, i saw houses with boats and big cars, in nature reserves !! And it wasnt houses for botanist or rangers, Just normal habitants, Thats a shame ! I hope a Day americans Will move their ass to protect their environment ! Compare to australia its Incredible. SO if someone here is hesitating between australia and usa without any hésitations choose australia. Anyway, Thx again for these Nice pics !! :) Cheers
  12. As i sais its Just for pics, i ve all of them in my collection, and i wont take the risks to have problème with american borders ^^
  13. Yes, very Nice map ! Thxxxxxx I think its safe, we generally have all these plants in our european collections, its Just to take Nice pics in the wild in my case, but i understand your doubts, its totally normal. I suppose that close to these Sarracenia i cud find some sundews and utric ? Cheers and thx again