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  1. I am looking for someone who can provide me relevant information about Slovak peat bogs and their berth. Please PM me! Thanks Astroman
  2. According to my observations, I can confirm this: "During our observations in its native habitat, we have never seen Drosophyllum growing in alkaline soils, despite several intensive searches at suitable places." I have only seen DL in two natural habitats in Portugal, but the soil was more rocky, without limestone, but sandstone was observed at one of these localities. Let me share somephotos, taken last spring in Portugal just to show how is their surrounding and soil: Drosophyllum lusitanicum growing under pine trees, sorrounded with rosemary and sandstone in the background Sandstone, just some meters from plants Heather-bell? (Erica cinerea?) Quite likely to observ together with D. lusitanicum. This heather likes acidic soils. Drosophyllum and sandstone DL with a dwarf oak tree Drosophyllum with dried Erica flowers Surface of the soil (quartz sand) Shrubby environment with quartz sand Flints with quartz sand Rosemary So if You guys are coming to Portugal, already known the signs to look for :-)
  3. Greg, Thanks for your comment! No, they are not from the same region, but sometimes Drosera intermedia and Pinguicula lusitanica occurs together. It was told that the Drosera site also has Pinguiculas but I could not catch them in sight.
  4. Yep, you are totally right! But Drosophyllum can be a tricky one for the first some weeks, and also requires a different media than other CPs. By the way I found 3 pictures, taken in april-june-august from the same plant. Note the different outlook of the plant, how dries out entirely in the hot portuguese summer. But in next outumn/spring it comes back when experiencing rain. Also from Portugal: Drosera intermedia
  5. Dear All, I am a hungarian CP grower and I had the opportunity to visit some CP sites in Portugal and see them in their natural habitat :-) As my first post, let me show you two wonderful plants from Portugal. The pictures were taken in this summer. Enjoy! :-D Drosophyllum lusitanicum: Soil: Grainy, contains mostly quartz sand and flints Plant: Pinguicula lusitanica: Soil: Grainy granitic The plant: