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  1. I learn Spanish, with makes me feel as if i have a general idea of Latin pronunciation, still have no idea what most of the complicated letters are tho' Does that mean Catesbaei should be pronounced Kat-es-beh-eye
  2. In the summer i leave my Sarracenias in trays of water for a day or two, everything else just get's tray watered, only until it soaks everything up, no more.
  3. Thanks John! That was a very good explanation!
  4. Nice new addition! I hope it grows well in your care
  5. I'd have thought Spanish kebabs would be nice... Anyway, good luck with the recipe, only now do I think that cinnamon and a spell in the oven would be a good idea.
  6. Depends if you can grow them well or not ;) Mwuhahaha
  7. Welcome to the forums, and great table!
  8. Apricot Stiliton would go better :)
  9. Daniel G

    Should I?

    The only Sarracenia that i'll put water into is S. Pupurea. Apart from that, no way.
  10. Thanks guys! I can try wipe the Pratty-ness from my memory Les :)
  11. So yeah, how do i pronounce Catesbeai? I just need clarification, so i don't sound like a prat every time i attempt to say it
  12. Dragging up more from the FTC forums..... http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/yummy-t13524.html?hilit=%20Eating%20Nepenthes Yes, i am mad. Really need to get to some of my other ideas...
  13. Here's a thread from a different forum going into much detail :) http://www.flytrapcare.com/phpBB3/easy-pollination-of-a-sarracenia-flower-pic-s-included-t7650.html
  14. Sweet! That's a nice milestone, well done Rehderi '2002'!
  15. If i had money for postage i would have taken them up on the offer, as you know what i'm like with Sarrs! Anyway, great plants, and a big Thanks to Ian and Dianne, you great, great people!
  16. Very nice Cedric. I need to order plants sometime.
  17. I'm liking G16 at the moment, as it's changed in prostrate to upright trap are great. Plus the trap size is great! Perfect for wasps!
  18. Don't go getting your hopes up
  19. Been camping recently (Somehow during which, my name got changed to Clyde) and lastnight, the wind and rain was genuinely scary. After five minutes my "waterproof" coat turned into a wet sponge, and my shoes had swimming pools inside them. As for the wind... well, i'm suprised the tent stayed up. However, we Northeners call this weather Sub-Saharan.... get used to it
  20. What a prat! Thanks for the warning, and i'm sorry that it's you who got caught out.
  21. Daniel G

    dodgey s.minor

    I'd happily take it off your hands if you don't want it Great looking plant i reckon, almost as if it's trying to be pure minor but just can't
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