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  1. http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/106858904/greenhouse.html If i had £100 in my pocket... Need van hire for this one...
  2. Does anyone have an answer to the question of "Is it better than polythene" I have a choice of getting this, or maybe getting a new cover for the greenhouse is already have, which has a two foot hole in the side.
  3. I would if we had money. Already asked before.
  4. Saw a nice cheap one not too far from where I used to live in Bristol... Even more gutting-ness Preloved has nothing near me either Also, please don't assume that I've just started looking. I've been searching for almost 6 months now...
  5. Gutting, lol. I've been looking in the local paper a fair bit. As for asking for donations, I don't think I could do that....
  6. http://www.kandco.com/ultimate-greenhouse-8/831896594.prd?browseToken=%2fq%2fgreenhouse That's the greenhouse I'm looking at. Not exactly the best quality, but it's the only way I'll get one I'm thinking, as I don't really have the money to buy one straight away. The problem is, this is UPVC glazed is that good or bad? Will it be any better than my current polythene greenhouse? Also, will the translucent top panels be a problem for Sarras? I've seen some great looking plants growing in polytunnels and greenhouses that look similar to that. Thanks, Daniel
  7. Hehehe, the leaves remind me of salad...
  8. Pulchella! My favourite Heliamphora :) Great pictures, thanks for sharing
  9. Carnivorous or not, It looks great, and I seriously want to grow it!
  10. I seriously might go to Dobbies in Scotland just to use this Urinal......
  11. Interesting..... I wonder if we will lose all our ash trees though.
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