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  1. Might be a bit late, but I've used this method with success...
  2. It's £30 now... If mine divides I'll probably trade it for something equally as nice, or this. Ebay is really a place to make money if you have the right item. My guess for the end price. £120. That could fuel a few christmas prezzies eh?
  3. I've often thought of how much fun it would be to jump off that really tall building in Dubai... I'd want a plant with me though. Maybe a whole tray of plants...
  4. Amazing! One day I'd love to climb the mountains of Borneo, especially Kinabalu
  5. Level one Horticulture Diploma, and a bit of stuff here and there.
  6. Yeah, plus that caribiner wouldn't do much when it can slip off the side....
  7. This: I'd love to see the peristome on it
  8. Daniel G

    N. clipeata

    I just said it was the least politically correct nepenthes ever... Very nice plant!
  9. You might be waiting a while for that Antho free Ceph
  10. Drosophyllum is under rated. It's a really nice plant to have waiting for you. Plus it smells amazing! Darlingtonia are simple plants really. Not too much direct sunlight, and good amounts of water. Something nice to have in with the Sarracenias is anything Anthocyanin free. Antho free leucos are amazing, as is 'Green Monster'
  11. That is absolutely huge! Finally a Sarracenia that could make me feel small....
  12. I like the sound effects I'd love to grow this one day, and do many experiments with fruit flies...
  13. That calendar looks amazing. Maybe I can persuade mum to get me one
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