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  1. That looks like a very healthy Ceph!
  2. Such a nice plant. Looks like a purp volcano!
  3. Wow, those are amazing. also, I have to say, I really like your Spanish accent. I find it a lot easier to understand than some others. :)
  4. I just popped "Galerna" in google translate, and it came up with Gale. In britain, we describe gales as very strong winds. What we experience seems to be a milder version of a Cantabric Galerna. i have to say, they look very fearsome!
  5. I've enjoyed reading these posts so much! I too would like to thank you for posting all of them
  6. If you have any south facing windows, put it in that one (Unless of course it's in one already) I've been looking around and seen about plants dying for no reason, but for me I always try to find a reason... How often are you watering, how much aswell? Also, what potting mix are they in? Dan
  7. Nice plants! How many Watts do your lights take up?
  8. As of yet, I've never seen this. some of the guys who've been growing longer may have....
  9. Well, know I have a third of a greenhouse gone. Gonna have to buy those one, and save up for a decent one whilst paying for this
  10. The biggest mistake is germinating and transferring, germinate it in a peat pot and go on from there. I think it was Adrian Slack who said plants which were transferred didn't last long. Mine, which is still growing strong wilted twice, and came back with water. Where are your plants growing? P.S The slideshow is your signature.
  11. Adrian, any chances of division from that plant? If not, I'd love to see it crossed with AS. On the subject of being ruthless with seedlings. Imagine you make a cross, and really hope you get something nice, Nothing amazing comes out, but you get a few notable plants, but nothing great. It would be extremely hard to trash every plant after having to make the cross, and grow the seeds for several years. Also, if you're newer, like me, trashing seedlings is like committing murder! I think that breeding with skill comes with being experienced in the hobby.
  12. Thanks for these pictures! I love the size of those Rafflesia
  13. Whoah! Yet more fantastic pitchers, all those Edwardsianas must have been amazing! I can't imagine what it must be like climbing those trails though!
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