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  1. nice! really helpful,sadly i cant see thet pictures
  2. that a comfort,im hoping to grow some darlingtonia outside all year round and,if they can be frozen solid then they'll be perfect for my climate
  3. welcome luciano. im not surprised you enjoy growing carnivrous plants they're really facinating plants to grow, youve got a good few drosera there its good to see someone who enjoys growing from seed, its so much more rewarding then buying the plants straight off the shelf, anyway i can ramble on a bit so ill stop there anyway, welcome!!!
  4. i love the blue one btw just thought i had to add this emoticon
  5. thanks for the welcome guys it make me feel really happy
  6. hello im new to these forums, but certainly not new to CP's ive got a few flytraps and a cephalotus and im gonna buy a nepenthes soon aswell. anyway hi
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