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  1. Well, i've been hanging round' the forums not doing much, apart from giving a bit of advice (A very small bit) And saying how great peoples plants look, so now, my proof that i can grow these wonderful plants. :) My Sarracenia (This is for you Les) S x Farnhamii S x Moorie x Oreophila A close up of the colour. And a nice picture of one of it's meals Les, i crossed these two plants (Farnhamii, Moorie x Oreophila) when they opened their flowers, i'll send you some seed so you can see how it turns out, but you'll have to wait till fruit splits ;) Pinguicula' P x Tina P x Weser (Coming out of dormancy) Dioneae' Typical Just opened yesterday Darlingtonia And that's a few of my plants :)
  2. Well, i know of one other Sheffield CP grower (ada) And that's it, are there any more who browse these forums? Even if you don't live in Sheffield, but close to it, like Doncaster or Rotheram, maybe even Barnsley So, make yourself know to me, i need knowledge! Cheers
  3. Sorry to hear that The UK's winter was a hard one this year, i'm just glad i put my plants into dormancy indoors. I hope you can replace you losses, and that your at least some of the plants missing in action can be confirmed alive :) Commiserations.
  4. Wow! That's just brilliant! I love the sweaty look to it, and i want one!
  5. Welcome to CPUK! You live quite near to me, and it's nice to have another grower in kind of close proximity to me :) If you ever want to do a trade or owt, just tell me, and we could probably sort something out. Anyway, if your ordering form Triffid Nurseries, you should get some pretty good plants, as they've got a good reputation among many growers (I'm one of em') Anyway, i'll stop rambling on, and say goodbye. Oh yeah, good luck with your plants! :)
  6. Ok... continuing my last post, from hamats, still going from bottom up Love the Heteradoxa X Minor, it has a lovely, smooth appearance :) Never heard of H. huber, but it looks nice to me xD Love the pitchers on this Nepenthes! Brilliant wings I love the flared out picther rims on H. nutans! A great looking Minor, on of the b est i've seen yet! Well done! Aahhh, N. Rajah, one i know, and love, beautiful, just beautiful! Thanks for posting!
  7. Starting from the bottom up That Heliamphora terrarium look great, and lots of sphag too ;) I've never heard of N. bongso, but it looks great! Very good pitchers! Never heard of H. ciliata either, but i like it! Uhh, another one i've never heard of, but it looks great too! H. folliculata looks like a hairy, plant like trumpet I love N. hamata, now i love it even more! P.S didn't get to finish, for ..... unknown reasons My bro! ) Thanks for posting!
  8. Beautiful! They look lovely, and their flowers look even better! Thanks very much for posting!
  9. Wow! That's amazing! Next thing to add to my list of wants ;) Thanks for posting!
  10. Wow! That's one of my favourite Nepenthes now! I want one Great plant, i hope it grows well for you!
  11. Wow! It's almost reaching out to my lips! Very nice plant! Well done!
  12. Worm's are loved by gardener's for making the soil "new" Or more fertile, but that fertile soil is less acidic, and not suitable for carnivorous plant's, i would get rid of em'
  13. That look's just fantastic! Great collection!
  14. Wow! That's really bad, sorry mate I'm just glad i didn't have my few sarra's out...
  15. Welcome to the forums :) See you round'
  16. Yeah that should work just fine :)
  17. Apparently it is N mixta x maxima But there's probably a lot more in there aswell,so we may never know the true parentage
  18. For mine,i use 5" deep pots to allow adequate root room. And 4 inches wide :)
  19. I don't have a picture to post,but i just want to say how beautiful your plants are :)
  20. .... that seems a bit strange i was expecting the absolute opposite hehehe
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