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  1. Welcome to the CPUK forums Luca!
  2. I've got a bit of peat in the mix now, but i really need to buy some soil, it's going quick. Probably gonna buy 20 litres of sphag or something...
  3. Ok, it's just at the moment i have a slight lack of peat and Sphagnum, so i'll just have to do, something Cheers for the info
  4. Ok, it's a simple question, can you grow Sarracenia in just Vermiculite and perlite? Cheers
  5. Beautiful plants! Just beautiful! I just can't get over that Campanulata, or all your Drosera'! Thanks very, very much for posting!
  6. Beautiful flowers! Spring has done it's good work, and it's definetley showing! Thanks for posting!
  7. I've seen P. Grandiflora left out all winter, and come out of dormancy fine, so one or two of those could be a nice addition :) A ceph may be possible, but definetly remove it in winter, the can take light freezes, but not -5 below. One thing you should know, D. capensis is Sub-tropical, it can go dormant, but it's best not to let them go through it, try something like a Filiformis, or Anglica, as they're temperate. Good luck with you Mini-bog
  8. Daniel G

    Hi All

    Welcome to the CPUK forums
  9. Wow! That Leah Wilkerson’s Mouth spout is amazing! The size of the picther is great too! I would comment on all your plants, but it would take too long, but in a generalization, brilliant!
  10. Wow! That's not bad at all :)
  11. I want Antho free Sarracenias!

  12. I love you Sarracenias, and Cephs, and Pinguiculas, and Droseras, and Nepenthes' and... that;s it i think ;)

  13. I love you Sarracenias, and Cephs, and Pinguiculas, and Droseras, and Nepenthes' and... that;s it i think ;)

  14. Wow! They look great! Thanks for posting!
  15. Wow! They are just spectacular! Well done!
  16. Thanks for posting pictures! I say save itm and move it to your house side hill Cheers
  17. Beautiful! I don't know how i missed them today! Too busy with Sarracenia i guess Thanks for posting!
  18. I've been using Channel4 Twist for a while, and feel we should post ours on here to cheer eachother up So post one or two, or ten, of yours, and enjoy the laughter (Or tears) Here's one of mine Twist
  19. That U. quelchii looks great!
  20. Wow! That's just crap I hope that the water butts aren't too much of a loss, and that you don't run out of water Cheers!
  21. I think i'll just let you know that it rained 2" or so in 15 mins yesterday I'm sure that britain will soon get back to normal spring and start chuckin' it down Good luck getting rain!
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