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  1. Tipped it down yesterday, and i got myself some water, on a few tubs full, but it'll do fo now.
  2. Nah, it took quite a bashing in the mail.... I might compress the soil a bit.
  3. Thanks! I havn't repotted it yet, i'm trying to resist it as it can slow growth A LOT!
  4. Still havnn't had much rain, rained a bit ast night, but it won't keep me going for long. I need water butts! hopefully it'll rain anough for me to get by for a wek or so while i save up.... Sunlight, i surrender!
  5. Well, i got this Cephalotus a few day's ago, and i love it! What do you guys think? Please Comment!
  6. Wowee! That is just amazing! Your making me feel hard done by with my one Ceph! Thanks for posting!
  7. I too, am another Perlite lover, easy to use, and very light, i think it's great!
  8. Welcome to the CPUK forums!
  9. Wow! That a lot of Sna.... Type 2's Thanks for posting that!
  10. Wow! That's brilliant! I've been doing a smaller scale version with D. filiformis, and even after 2 weeks, you can see a massive difference in size! Cheers for posting!
  11. xD I wish i had one to look at! Thanks for posting!
  12. Wow! That's great! Thanks for posting this anatomy lesson!
  13. Me llamo luca, vivo en la planta segunda Feel the pain!
  14. Awww Yesh! It's great to see Carnivorous Plants growing in the UK, it's a shame it's such a rarity Thanks very much for posting!
  15. Daniel G

    Sarra ID

    Can't confirm it, but it certainly looks like it :)
  16. I think the Sarracenia looks like a Catesbeai to me, no idea what the pinguicula is tho'
  17. I'll try em' sometime, thanks :)
  18. I can get it, but it comes mixed with perlite (I prefer to mix my own) and Sphag seems to be cheaper, but peat is quite hard for me to get, and you can't get alot either.
  19. Beautiful plants! That Sarracenia in the second post, 1st pic, looks like S. adrain slack? Thanks for posting!
  20. Beautiful plants!!!!!!! I love those Neps Thanks for posting!
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