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  1. Very nice Ada! But i know your secret!
  2. Daniel G


    http://sarracenia.com/faq/faq2440.html Enjoy your read!
  3. Hehehe, ok, i thought it would be laying eggs on large spiders, but that may be a different species. I'll resist the urge to shove it down one of my Sarracenia' but i still don't liek it, even if it does look cool Cheers, Daniel
  4. Thanks for clearing that up! I was thinking some nasty stinging hornet, i was scared to death by it Next time, i'll stick a jar over it and give one of my Sarras a good, be it large, meal
  5. Well, what is this rather nasty looking thing?
  6. Wow! Very nice plants! Brilliant photos too! Thanks very much for sharing!
  7. Hmm, well, the plants i get from Adrian, are ins horter pots, and his always have larger pitchers, wereas, some others i have in taller pots, have extremly large root systems, but smaller pitchers, so i think that part it true. I try to use square pots, a bit taller than thier width.
  8. Wow! Great colouration, and brilliant quality photos! Thanks for sharing!
  9. Well, i overwater the plants in my greenhouse, but my plants inside.. Well 60 seedling Drosera (And my cobra seedlings )Dried out to death So, i'm both.... Hmmmm
  10. Hey Connor, glad you made it
  11. Wow! That's surreal! Congrat;s on that growth, get lotsa' pictures!
  12. Wow! Great pics Noah! I really love that Capensis flower! And yes, your cat is very cute! Thanks for posting those pics! P.S You've got a nice garden!
  13. Sweet! You've got some really nice Sarracenias! Thanks for posting pics!
  14. Our laptop over heated, and started smoking, nearly burst into flames! So get dusting up!
  15. Our laptops over heated, and started smoking, nearly burst into flames! So get dusting up!
  16. Wow! Nice collection! I really like your Sarracenia' and that Cephalotus! That Drosophyllum looks really cute too! Thanks for posting pics!
  17. Awww, that's adorable! In a strange, Amphibian way...
  18. Beautiful plants! I really like the Drosophyllum Thanks for posting pics!
  19. Hehehe, nice pics! Especially that near miss!
  20. Lovely Flowers! They're just beautiful! By the way, can you get more up?
  21. I havn't bothered to read the rest of this, but i have a request for if you do release some into that woodland. Put some S. minor, and D. anglica :) And some Darlingtonia too please Good luck!
  22. As far as i know. it's a typical. Sitting happily outsid ein my greenhouse by the way :)
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