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  1. Can't go to Mike's summer open day Looks like there's a few nice ones I might be able to make it to though
  2. Damn. I suppose I'd better check mine outside... I hope you get a strike on the "cutting"
  3. Likewise, everything is frozen again, sigh.
  4. I used these for my D. capensis and P. grandiflora last year, just opened the lid and swung a plant around. They loved it. I see no reason why you couldn't used them for those Drosera.
  5. Awwww, that's absolutely gutting, Still, it was as old as I was!
  6. I doubt this one is the usual clone. I got it from an Arboretum, and it was a fairly large plant. This is one of the basals. Thanks!
  7. Hi, so I have a Female N x Ventrata with a flower spike. It'll be ready to pollinate extremely soon (A few days) So I'm looking for any pollen at all. I only want to keep around 25% of the seed, so whoever can offer me pollen will get a good deal of seed. Here's a pic, just to be sure of Gender If you have any pollen at all available then please PM me. Thanks, Dan
  8. Welcome to the forums! There's a lot of big time Sarracenia growers here, so you'll not get bored.
  9. Amazing Nepenthes Guillaume! You have some nice Sporophytes too
  10. Very nice plant, not sure of the naming though...
  11. Well, my new favourite Sarracenia name is "Sarracenia psittacina var. Okefenokeensis f. Luteoviridis" It's just so good. NepGrower, thanks for the list.
  12. Does anyone have a link to a list of the new names by any chance?
  13. In regard to the Anthocyanin free question, how many people do you know who, if they had not read the book, would understand the meaning of "Viridescens"? I personally would put Anthocyanin free in brackets, after the full scientific name. For ease or reading labels.
  14. I love that. Seriously want one in my back garden, No idea how you get Heliamphora, Dionaea, Sarracenia and Nepenthes is one area though.
  15. Impeccable fashion sense! That's a massive project, and I can't wait to see it pay off with all the plants you'll be able to fit in there. Well done!
  16. I payed £15 for it. Not bad in my opinion. Thanks for looking, Dan
  17. Ahhh, I should have mentioned it's not the same species It's just an orchid I received from a friend. Not sure what species really.
  18. My orchid has around 5 or six flowers open now. Started off a week or so ago.
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