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  1. Would you be so kind as to let me know if any divisions become available?
  2. You got any pictures you can post?
  3. I have one of these in the garden. Throwing up it's first pitcher, I'll post pics when it's opened.
  4. Just a quick question. Is the above cultivar in Europe? Sorry if this is an obvious one, I've not exactly been keeping up the past year or so Dan
  5. Beware the Jabberwock, my son

  6. Ooooh, you've really got a thing for Darlingtonia haven't you? LIking the flowers a lot!
  7. I think I may start putting some around on the staging then. I don't want anything else like this happening. I take it I'll want to keep them off the growing media?
  8. Love it Glad to see that the Cephalotus is still doing well, I had my doubts for a while! If you let those Grandiflora drop their seeds you'll get a brilliant carpet of them popping up! Great work
  9. This should help. http://www.carnivorousplants.org/howto/GrowingGuides/Drosera_species.php
  10. I'll have to have a rummage around. Either way it's a chewing insect. I'll see if i spot any likely culprits and deal with them suitably
  11. The three Drosera should germinate readily just placed on the growing medium. As for P. Vulgaris, I believe a period of cold stratification is required before germination occurs.
  12. So recently, about 2 weeks back, I went to check on my plants and OH THE HORROR! One of my Sarracenias has had the growing point chewed off. At this point I wouldn't be too annoyed really, but it's none less than my 'Adrian Slack' Has anyone else had this happen? It's the only growth point on the plant so far. There's no rot or significant die back as of yet.
  13. Some of the more common Drosera, like capensis, should probably stand conditions like these. Not ideal, but they should manage
  14. @Ada Yeah, didn't think you'd take any excuses I guess I'll just have to go back to snowdon a bit later in the year and see what I can find
  15. I use this stuff for spraying in the Sheffield Winter Gardens. It smells great and my skin always feels so smooth after the sprayer leaks on me! You'll need to properly coat any insects though, it's definitely not strong stuff at all
  16. So yeah, hi guys, it's been a while! I've still got all my plants and the like, just been really busy with college and general life, so not been on the forums in quite a while, but I'll have a good look around while I'm here Anyway, to the point. I recently went on holiday to snowdonia, and in the first few days of wild camping my good friend had the opportunity to see me nerd out to insane levels when I noticed a stream running down a mountain which was "COMPLETELY SURROUNDED BY SPHAGNUM". I told him all about how it's such a good substrate for carnivorous plants, and spent a good half an hour making my way up the mountain staring at the floor to no avail. Not a plant in sight. There was even more at the top of this mountain, and my feet got soaked, leading to me slightly hating the damned stuff... A few days later we climbed Yr Wyddfa, and yet more sphagnum, but none of the precious plants. I have to say I was quite disappointed, as I've never had a chance to see any in the wild. Even if it was just a hibernacula I'd have been happy. So, has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas why there's such a lack of carnivores? Thanks! Dan
  17. Just saw this, mum though a might be interested. http://www.landscapejuicenetwork.com/forum/topics/eu-propose-to-ban-seed-swapping?xg_source=activity Not really sure if it will effect the CP growers or not. Does anyone else have any knowledge of this?
  18. My cat used to chew on Sarracenia and Bromeliad leaves a lot... such a pity he went missing... such a pity.
  19. Watch out for Adrian, Martin. I almost cried when I found out how many alata crosses he had binned... Good luck with your seedling selection
  20. Mike has a tonne of plants, all of them are labelled, as I'm led to believe, to aid trading, and because when you buy smaller divisions you can see what it'll look like when it grows larger. There may be other reasons for it too though. Some clones have names like Ex. Adrian Slack. I have an Ex. Slack flava in my possession, all this shows is that it was a plant that originated with Adrian Slack. Some people also put the name of the person from whom a plant came from on the label. Not too sure what you mean with the " how are there so many different labels for what I would assume is the same plant type" question...
  21. This winter went fairly well for me too, apart from my greenhouse being destroyed. I've not lost any plants, and many went through far from ideal conditions. Just waiting for them to break dormancy now..
  22. Hmmm, very interesting and still beautiful even when they're blue
  23. Oooh, a Sarracenia :) Me like!
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