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  1. Whilst replacing some glass in mine I added a new, and remarkably clean, pane.

    Shortly after adding it I put my hand through it to clip in another pane. One more cut and one less pane...

    The moral of the story is either "Use polycarbonate" or "Don't try to reach through glass"

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  2. As an update on the plant. It has three new growth points appearing and the original growth point is practically back to normal. 

    Now I'm wondering if these new points are as a result of losing the main one for a time or not.

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  3. I don't believe I've had any dealings with you in the past, but I'm certainly sad you've been pushed to this point.

    All the best for the future, and try not to let all the crap get to you. And if you do compost them all, make sure you put it to good use on some veggies. Would be a shame to completely waste them.

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