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  1. Daniel G
    This is ship's Captain. Current stardate: 22318...... Oop's, wrong one.
    Ok, this is The Beggining of my blog, which will follow me and my plants, and the progress we make. I probably won't post regularly, and when i do, it probably won't be inteesting. But i will anyway.
    So, let's see, i'm a Carnivorous Plant fanatic. I love Sarracenias and Cephalotus'. And, that's it. My life in a nutshell really.
    Blog: Over and out.
  2. Daniel G
    So, we are having a drought that is, without fail, the wettest drought i have ever seen...
    24 flood warnings and counting, and i can pretty much guarantee that Hillsborough, just down the road from me, will have something akin to flooded streets.
    All you with water butts, enjoy yourselves. Everyone else, take care!
    Source: The Wettest Drought!
    P.S I didn't forget my blog!
  3. Daniel G
    Ok, i remembered i had a Blog, and i'm posting, so i deserve points for that.
    I recently replaced my incredibly ripped plastic greenhouse cover, and now, it's not incredibly ripped. Magic eh? My plants like it, and i do, so everyone's a winner!
    I'm dreading winter, and especially with my Cephalotus, but, i will persist. I've been talking to a grower called andy about Tissue Culture, and he kindly offered to send me some MS and agar, all i need to do is buy some PPM and tubs. Simples!
    I also altered my cuttings/seeds set up, so me LED light is literally 1" away from the cuttings/seeds. I hope it works.
    I also have a freshened vigor for plants for some reason, i wonder where it will get me.
    So, if you read this, you now know a little more about someones un-interesting life. Congratulations!
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