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  1. Hello, We're going to send a new box within 24 hours. I don't understand where is the problem now? I'm really sorry of that mistake, but our computer went crazy with chinese marks. About that - "29 April 2017. Waited for 10 days, and nothing was sent." - during that time was kind of long break in Poland, that's why you've waited bit more for your shipping. Everything's fine, don't worry please! Regards, Michal
  2. Hello, We had some problems few months ago (personal problems), and we talked about it on cpuk. Now everything's OK. Within last 1-2 month we were making couple exhibitions, so contact was really poor I know it, although couple of people ordered nepenthes which are sold out (mistake on our e-shop) - within about 2-3 weeks I refunded everyone money and send info, that I'll send soon pack of plants for free (message on paypal), so I think it's fair. To work better we going to introduce: - firstly, we have to check availability of plants, next you have to make a payment - if you are afraid of your order, firstly we can ship plants, next you have to pay (for users forum with good reputation) - contact via skype Thank you, Michal
  3. Hi, I love enthusiasts like you, really. Positive energy is everywhere on your films :) It's big pleasure to watch your production. About spectabilis x talangensis - my plants also look little bit otherwise. Michal
  4. Nice! It looks really very professional :) !
  5. Hello, Some nepenthes have been added into our offer. Among the available ones, there are now rigidifolia, ovata, petiolata, singalana and campanulata. Besides, over the next few months (autumn-winter), Roraima introduces several changes: - waiting for the shipment increase up to 7 days - we recommend styrofoam boxes and heat packs (you can add these options in "Accessories''). It guarantee safe shipping. - for the nearest months (autumn-winter) available will be only nepenthes, the rest as sarracenia, drosera etc. going to available on the spring Regards, Michal
  6. Hi, Some photos from my cultivation: N. spectabilis x talangensis N. spathulata x hamata N. glabrata N. boschiana N. rafflesiana (two clones) Soon more! Regards, Michal
  7. Mekk

    My nepenthes

    Good job! Beautiful plants!
  8. Hello, Since now you can benefit of all the possibilities given to you by! For the beginning of our activity we present a large offer of nepenthes from all around the world, growing in different conditions (lowland, intermediate and highland). A special 10% discount for all new users! Regards, Michal
  9. My order arrived in great condition, Thank you!

  10. My order arrived in great condition, Thank you!