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  1. Welcome here Dim ;). And of course, nice plants.
  2. Let's enjoy Yuri ; there's no hurry in cultivation, and many beautiful plants for the future ;) .
  3. Hi Matze, Thanks for the new pics . Your plant looks quite similar to the 'Neurotic' (no longer "fuzzy tooth" which was an already reserved name) from Stefan Glied, maybe even a little bit more characteristic . However that may be, it's a nice clone !
  4. Hi Matze, Thanks for sharing . I think that the 'Rose' is absolutely awesome . It's a pain that you're not longer interested in swap with other dionaeas ! The 'Pluto' is nice, quite close to 'Triton' . Regards, Karl
  5. Hmm, why not 'Lady Liberty' ... not a strong characteristic but pretty plant . But "Cactus" is really a typical, I can see a cultivar in this one . Your clone from Gert was called 'Hair Kam' .
  6. Ooh, sorry of course . But I already such posts which was very serious ...
  7. Good name, but ... typical plant ?! This trap is a little bit particular, but are the others ones too ? I often saw this on lots of typical VFTs as we can see in the garden centers ... Would you have a pic of the whole plant ?
  8. 'Biohazard', the most awesome clone of my collection - thanks to Chris 'Vitiligo' - Trev, you're a king ! Some baby 'Korean Melody Shark' 'Paulo's Short Teeth' 'Spotty', the eternal ... 'Korean Melody Shark', mature plant 'Paulo's Red Dentate', just beginning to grow ... 'Whale'
  9. Christian : your 'Biohazard' is absolutely fabulous . It's the most exceptional VFT of all my collection !
  10. Awesome clones !! I just see this topic . What's the difference between the 'Monkey Ass' and the 'Tellereisen' ?
  11. Dionæa 'Charly Mandon's Spotted', I took the photo a few minutes ago ...
  12. Some new pics of 'Charly Mandon's Spotted' I just took ... Enjoy !
  13. Nice pics, I can give you a 'Charly Mandon's Spotted' for your spare .
  14. Thanks Alambrito ! Yes I remember it .