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  1. Hi David,

    I am interested in Drosera adelae. How many plants have for sell? Which size?


  2. Hi Gorenoko, N. reinwardtiana can be cultivated as an intermediate, do not require special cares. I grow under temperatures 14,5 - 28 degrees at this time of the year with no problems and producing few pitchers. The most important with Nepenthes plants its the real humidity that needs to be high. Avoid temperatures drops 10 degrees, but it's not a general rule. For example, in natural habitat has been mesured som highland species at 3 degrees, as N. Lowii.Good Growing
  3. Hi, Anyone knows if Carniflora use a sustainable substrate or peat?
  4. Hi everyone, I have a doubt of identification of Drosera, and for sure would like you to help me. Personally I think it may be an hybrid of Drosera capensis x aliciae or Drosera venusta. What do you think about? I leave a picture: