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  1. Do you have any of these orchids for sale or swap? i can swap for other orchids, ferns, begonias, bromeliads/tillandsias, carnivorous or any other plants i have (all sorts hardy, tropical, succulents, Etc). regards michael
  2. I also have Sauromatum venosum but it always seems to start growing much later then other peoples in the uk! Does it need a period of dry, cool or heat to get it into growth? I also have Typhonium giganteum that I have the same troube with, Ive been told that this one is a little hardier than S.Venosum, but it also comes into growth rather late for me tho? I am still very new to aroids so I’d like to learn as much as can! I also have Sauromatum venosum but it always seems to start growing much later then other peoples in the uk! Does it need a period of dry, cool or heat to ge
  3. Ok this is very interesting as I know very little in this sort of field; I can grow plants and look after live stock but this sort of thing just baffles but interreges me! Can suggest what I could do be it LED or halogens in the size of area I mentioned? Also what would be cheapest to run?
  4. Interesting, the area im thinking of using it in is 5ft wide, 8ft long and about 6ft high, its a mini polytunnle in my heated polytunnle. lol I was thinking would a few bulbs on the top of the frame pointing down? these where the bulbs i was thinking of E27 38 LEDs 2W Plant Grow Growth Light< any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. I’m looking into some LED grow lights for my Highland Nepenthes and my cool growing orchids that I keep with them. I’m trying find some info on what grow lights I need for them but cant find much, I will have the lights on a timer for the day time. Can you suggest what to look into and what are really good for the plants I want to grow? Thank you Michael
  6. I'm looking into making more space for me sarracenias so I'm looking at pollytunnles or glasshouses/greenhouses, but not sure what to go with! The size I'm thinking of is about 60ft by 20ft or so, it's a big investment so I want to get all the info I can! I know polytunnels are ok and that's where I keep my sarracenias at the moment but I know glasshouses are cheeper (in the long run!) but not as strong in HIGH winds compared to polytunnels. What do you think? I know a few polytunnle sites but could you give me some sites for cheep ish glasshouses or even second hand Dutch style ones.
  7. Is anyone coming from the Dorset area to ANY of these open days? As i don’t drive yet, i am happy to contribute to the fuel costs! I live on the A35 in Chideock so easy to find and pick up! I would Love to go to CP open day as I haven’t been in YEARS! Thank you anyway! Michael
  8. I have had a look but cant seem to find the list (i think wrong time of year), i might email them but i feel its a little cheeky to ask for one speices and nothing else tho. thank you for the tip! i will keep my eyes out for the list!
  9. I am Looking for Lilium catesbaei which is also known as the Pine lily, Southern red lily, Catesby's lily. If you know of anywhere i might be able to find one would be gratefully received! I have been looking for a number of years but cant seem find any in the UK! I have a few species lillies and this verity has alway caught my attenchion as it grows in the same conditions as a lot of my CPs.
  10. Thank you this is really helpful, i tend to have a dab recored with sundews so i want to try and brake it!
  11. I'm interested in some D. graomogolensis and was wondering what conditions this little Brazilian type likes? Also I have a D. Slackei which in was given by a friend but it's not in a good state, how best to keep it happy? I have D. Slackei in my heated pollytunnel with my orchids but I want to make sure I'm giving It the best chance i can. I have tried looking both these types up in books and online but it keeps saying keep in subtropical conditions but I want more info then that really. Like compost, water and light levels, etc Thank you for reading and any info you can give with be very
  12. i dont want to make a strong breeze but just enough to get the air to move slightly as the orichis dont like constant air movment, i mainly want something that can move the air around a touch when it starts getting hot/when the suns out.
  13. they are a bit yeah but i want to make it myself as it a bit cheeper and so get the practis. but they kind of my back up plan Thats great to know! ill look into it thank you!
  14. Hello I’m wanting to make some little solar powered computer fans for my polytunnle where i grow my orchids and highland nepenthes. I have a friend had s done the same thing as i want to do, im just wondering what to use. It doesn’t want to big and flash just do its job, i have had look on the dreaded ebay and found a few little solar panels but was wondering if you knew of anywhere better/cheaper places to get such things and what you would suggest? Thank you anyway Michael