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  1. I find Dionaea and Sarracenia respond well to GA3 treatment.
  2. Can't wait to see results myself, although this might take a few years to find any. The plant growth regulators is in liquid form, I'll start with very diluted solutions at first to see the effects it has if any? I update regularly with individual pictures, hope I don't kill any to early on....
  3. So... I eventually have a lineup of volunteers for very exciting experimentation. As I've received these 9 Cephalotus typicals through the post, I will hold of on fertilization until I see new growth from all plants. All potted in the exact same mix, their clones from the same parent plant and they will be kept under the same conditions. All are treated with Trichoderma. The biggest and healthiest plant will be fed the placebo (RO water) and I have something special in store for one of these, the details of which of disclose of in its own thread. The remaining 7 will receive all sorts of foods supplements, fertilizers & PGR's. (I have been considering feeding 1 just bugs?) The other substances are BCAA - L-Valine, L-Leucine, and L-Isoleucine. L-glutamine Superthrive Orchid Ultra Indole-3-butyric acid Kinetin I would have liked to use Maxsea in this experiment, but could not afford it as shipping was an arm & a leg ( if anyone has a small amount to donate please let me know). I am open to suggestions and any ideas.
  4. Macro


    Looking good. How did you strike them?
  5. When the finer details of everything is studied, fractals is evident... So yes Mozart would be fractal.
  6. If it is powdery mildew, the cure is lots of fresh air and full sun...
  7. Trichoderma harzianum strain B-77 has been proven effective against Botrytis. Is more preventative than cure though. Google it
  8. Lovely plants Natale. Please post a picture of your Cephalotus "Mattew Soper" Clone.
  9. From the pictures, it does seem similar...
  10. Thanks for the insight. I've recently received some cephs, on which this moss is growing and just wondering if I should rather replace it with live Sphagnum? I wonder how it comes to be growing along with so many cephs, naturally or cultivated...
  11. Would someone be so kind as to tell me what kind of moss this is growing around this ceph? Picture by Alvise Thanks, Riaan
  12. BBC Life S01 E09 Plants is a great documentary on plants with some stunning carnivorous shots. E02 Amphibians also has some nice Drosera in natural habitat. Can anyone recommend documentaries on carnivorous plants? Thanks, Riaan
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    It closes its lid to prevent its digestive juices from escaping. So, if your humidity drops it closes the lid (also just after transplanting or if the plant is stressed)
  14. Are you decreasing the photo-period for you winter as 13 hours is rather short? I use 18 hours under MH lamps for summer and 12 for winter.
  15. Peat is naturally resistant to mould. You want high humidity when germinating seeds, but you need proper air circulation and strong light to avoid growing mould. You could opt for a top layer of finely chopped live sphagnum which is super resistant to mould, but it often out grows carnivores and is some what clingy when transplanting. You could also treat the seeds with fungicide, just make sure you use a Drosera friendly one. I've been having great results with Trichoderma strain T-22 recently, its a beneficial fungus. Google it. Also check out GA3 (Gibberellic acid) to improve germination times and rates
  16. Growth and colouration looks great (sphagnum seems to be loving it also). Just imagine what could be done with an array of these. Their compact, low power and lasts a lifetime (now just the long haul to add cheap to the list). Your only pitcher feeding right?
  17. Its powdered spores which you mix in water.
  18. You should get some Trichoderma. Let me know if you cannot find it I'll post you some.
  19. Gotta love bunny boilers (or you come home to some nasty surprises). Do I remember accurately that he have-/had a clone from 'Eden Black'? Reminds me a song by The Parlotones - Push Me To The Floor
  20. And of course the extra large peristome ...
  21. Hi Alvise, Great collection. Is it possible for you to elaborate on the distinguishing characteristics of clone "Ralf Veski" as I cannot find info on it? Also, I'd be interested on your comparison of the giant clones, how is this coming along? Your input is appreciated, Riaan
  22. It does seem very typical, I what sets it aside. As not many are growing this, could it be that it was just received from Ralf Veski? Hopefully someone can shed some light on this... for the link ceph123
  23. Hi, Noticed that a few people are growing this, yet I can find no info on it. Can anyone tell me more & maybe supply a picture? Much appreciated, Riaan