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  1. You know, I have really been worrying about the semi negative response from this thread, I really like this forum, and I am super sensitive :s Thanks folks :) P.S, I can joke along about it with the best of them
  2. It is a simple question, if people don't wish to answer then no one is obliged to. No offence was intended with the question. :)
  3. Gosh, I know this is a bit of a taboo subject, but I was wondering does any one here have a mental health issue? Jen
  4. What is the address? How many people will be going?
  5. What is the address? How many people will be going?
  6. This is hilarious. It reminds me of something I would have to do myself! Sometimes, when I am doing things I shouldn't be doing (buying plants, or sneaking something in), I hum the mission impossible theme tune in my head, to make the whole affair seem even more daring.
  7. Our poor mothers! Mine too has seen the dilemma of escaped stick insects! One time I had a hamster that used to escape almost every night, and he used to go onto my parents head board on the bed and stare down at them - mom used to wake up to a pair of beady little eyes (and it wasn't my dad!!) DexFC - LOL @ hiding and sneaking boxes, you become almost expert at it don't you!!
  8. So, I was just wondering, how tolerant are you significant others/ parents towards your CP hobby? Do you have to sneak plants past them, or do they have an interest in the hobby too? Much to the annoyance of the boyfriend, I am slowly conquering every windowsill in the house! To be fair, I think this sweetened the deal for the greenhouse, as he thinks he will be claiming windowsill space back! He isn't interested in the plants Jen.
  9. A greyey blue colour. I would like really blue ones.
  10. I have a Ford Focus TDi. Last year, I wrote A clio Sport and an Astra SRI off. Neither was at great speeds. The Clio SPort was my favouritest car ever.
  11. So, what are you like in the real world? I don't mean what do you look like, but what are *you* like? Me? I'm super shy. I am a bit odd, prone to bouts of severe melancholy...
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