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  1. Thanks guys for your comments. I shooted some other photos, with a better quality:
  2. Hello everybody First, I apologize for my english. I will try to write in the best possible way. I would like to get some opinion about my Funnel Trap. I got it two years ago and it and immediately showed variegation. this variegation is present on normal traps and on funnel ones, also on petioles, but on these is difficult to see beacause of the ridges that characterize this clone. Last year I did a floral stem cuttings and I obtained a lot of plants, but none of these plants show variegated as the mother. This spring the mother-plant is divided spontaneously in two spares and both are variegated, as variegated are the cuttings I've done this year by rhizome .. My theory is the variegation is due to a virus, and viruses are not present in the meristematic tissues. this would explain why the plants raised from cuttings of floral stem are not variegated, while those from cuttings of rhizome (born from dormant buds and not by meristems) are variegated. here are the pictures. Sorry for the quality, I took them with mobile: http://www.cpitalia....e/images/ft.jpg http://www.cpitalia..../images/ft1.jpg http://www.cpitalia....ages/ft2wiw.jpg What do you think about? Greetings Claudio
  3. Hi Mati, I left you a MP ;) Cheers!

  4. Hi Mati, I left you a MP ;) Cheers!

  5. Non รจ stato facile XD It wasn't simple XD
  6. Hi to everybody :) I'm Claudio, from Italy, 23 old. I'm a Nepenthes, Dionaea and Sarracenia fanatic, but i love also many more genus. I grow, in addiction, tropical plants, water plants, orchids, cactaceae and roses. I apologise for my bad English.. Bye :) Claudio