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  1. Wow, that first plant looks almost exacly like my own crossing! Check: http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46169
  2. Okay that's intresting! Maybe it's beqause all my plant have no high humidity... It's a slow grower, but i think that this has too do with the small size of the plant and the fact that it's still a seedling and not a mature plant.. Update 1-7-2012:
  3. Hello, Here are some pictures from one of many drosera's rotundifolia that's growing outside year round...
  4. Thank you! Hello, I bought this plant last year (late summer) from CZplants (see my growlist). Don't know exactly how old, but it is a seedling, so not too old. Ik keep all my plants in de windowsill at winter, and in the summer outside. Even my heliamphora's are standing in full sun on the rooftop in de summer, soon i will post some photo's of them to. Ps. i don't use a terrarium or greenhouse for any of my plants! I even have one nepenthes that is standing outside on de rooftop in full sun all day long mark. Edit: Photo of a new developping pitcher. Strange thing is that every pitcher on this plant so far, gets an opening down the lid while the plant starts to inflate. Just like the lid is to small, but never the less it keeps inflating and growing.
  5. Thanks! Update 16-6-2012 Big Boy (now repotted) And the Dudley Watts, now with the first adult pitcher:
  6. My N. robcantleyi is slightly growing on...
  7. 27-3-2012 8-4-2012 13-4-2012 15-4-2012 21-4-2012 29-4-2012 26-5-2012 3-6-2012 Okay, just noticed that the pitchers are slightly hairy from the outside, just like purpurea ssp. venosa only the hairs are slightly shorter. The strange thing is that the parent plants of my cross, don't have any hairs on the outside! look:
  8. 18-9-2011 25-9-2011 3-10-2011 11-11-2011 2-3-2012 13-3-2012 15-3-2012
  9. Hello, For about two years ago, i made a cross between a catesbaei hybride and a normal purpurea ssp. purpurea. The seed carrier was the purpurea. I now have 55 small plants and one which has grown far larger then the rest. Foto's 23-5-2010 10-8-2010 I decided to put the seedlings outside, but after a heavy rainstorm, all of the little plants flushes to one side: 4-9-2010 17-3-2011 Repotted: 13-5-2011 4-6-2011 23-7-2011 I kept the biggest plant appart. 6-8-2011 Repotted the other 55 plants: 25-8-2011 5-9-2011 9-9-2011
  10. Today i repotted the cephalotussus, and stumbled across one plant that developped a plant crown in the middle of the pot height! I guess that he didn't know that he has to go up
  11. Hallo I bought my first cephalotus in 2008. 28-10-2008 15-8-2010 The same plant I made several leaf cuttings of this plant, and they al made the same size pitchers. Except for one! This clone of the above pictured plant made traps which are almost 5CM (2inch). It also produces much thicker leafs and a bigger growing pont with thick stems. (At the right a leaf cutting from the same plant 1/2 year older, and at the left the bigger clone from a leaf cutting from the same plant): ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then my '' duddley watts'' small leaf cutting plant, forum Pieter (Lucifer from this forum). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And finally my '' Big Boy'', that i won at an ebay auction. 16-9-2011 3-6-2012
  12. 10-5-2012 26-5-2012 2-6-2012 The plant is growing in pure peat, and seems to thrive in it!
  13. Hello, I posted the following photos earlier on the dutch carnivora forum. At about the end of august 2011, i recieved a healthy darlingtonia clone forum Pieter (Lucifer from this forum). A photo that Pieter made, just before he send the plant: 1-10-2011 : 15-1-2012 First repot: 23-3-2012 Flower bud emerging, but plant needs a new repot again, beqause the pot is bulging out and the roots are sticking out the bottom.. 6-4-2012 17/18-4-2012 Demon looking flower:
  14. Hello, Thank wou for your reply! But i think its just not possible to mold this model! Regards, Mark
  15. Thank's for the replies! :-) Hello Dave, That's a great idea! Maybe i will incorperate this in the next design... When printing this size only the white colour is available, at the moment... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I designed a new and fully improved version 2.0 of the plant container for sale! It's not cheap, and i think that for many people its just too expensive.. But who knows, maybe i will get allot cheaper in the future just as Dave mentioned! Improvements: -This container is designed for top-watering, by a funnel at the top in the centertube. The water is than running down de spiral trough the substrate and at the end it flows back in de centertube. Then it leaks out in the saucer. The excess water in the saucer will be sucked up by capillary action by the downtube under the spiral. With model version 1.0, my intentention was that by capillary action is that you don't have to top-water the container.. But experience shows that the lower part stays significantly wetter than the upper part. So this model wil fix that problem -The model has a built-on saucer -This model is more than twice as strong than model 1.0 The minimum wall thickness is 1.0mm instead of 0.5. Also the built-on sqaure saucer ads allot of extra strength in de botom and the two extra pilars under the spiral ads allot of stiffness the the container. You don't have to paint it with polyester resign beqause its strong enough Here you can buy the model: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/marksdesigns Picture: Greetings, Mark
  16. Hello, As soon as i have some spare time, i will design a slightly thicker (and a little modified) model, that you not have to put in polyester for more strength... Then i will send this to shapeways and then i know the exact costs, and put it it the shapeways shop so that people can buy it!
  17. Hello, Thank's for the reply's! This model is just a prototype and pure for the hobby. But who know's, if this method will work well then maybe i can sell the model via shapeways.com. But then a 'thicker' model, that don't need a layer of polyester resign. Unfortunately that will cost a lot of money. So don't now if anyone wan't to buy this..... But it seems that the lower part of the container, stays wetter then the upper part... I yet can not tell if it works properly, beqause the first few weeks i will water the plants from the top also; so they can adjust from the transplant.. Indeed, it's still not cheap, that's why i designed it as thin as possible! And yes i'm a cnc turner! Ps. I'll post an update once I know more..
  18. Hello, I'm Mark from the Netherlands and a have a lot of Cephalotus leaf cuttings and not enough space So I decided to design a spiral plant container! I designed this with Inventor (a 3D drawing program). I sent the model to shapeways.com and let it print out in 3D. Overall wall thickness = 0.5mm. Height = 386mm Diameter = Ø190mm This had just gone well, as it turned out 0.7mm wall thickness is actually the minimum allowable size to be... Despite the thin wall thickness, it is relatively rigid. But I want the thing to put in polyester resin and hope that it will be a lot stronger (and smoother). I had deliberately kept this minimum thickness because you paid for the volume and otherwise is became very expensive. The thing weighs only 120 grams: wink: Here some pictures of how i recieved the model: Update with the (15)plants in it Now its (finally) in the polyester resin and feels a lot stronger! Regards, Mark
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