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  1. Like Alexis I have been using the Arthur Bowers and it seems fine. Dave
  2. Hi Ceri and Gary Sorry to hear about the fire. Hope everything turns out ok for you. Could have been worse it could have been in your polytunnel. Dave
  3. Welcome to the forum. Glad you decided to take the plunge. Dave
  4. Very nice website Andrea with some great photographs. I really like your greenhouse set up. Dave
  5. I had my Darlingtonia outside throughout last winter, and you know how cold and prolonged it was, without any cover at all and they all survived. Dave
  6. Hi Jerry I too am relatively new to CP's and can totally empathise with you. I find myself checking Ebay every ten minutes just in case someone has listed that rare sarracenia that I just must have and trying to convince the wife that the plant that I have just bought is different from the others that I already have even if it looks the same. I for one found your blog to be humorous and something I can relate to so am more than happy to read some more. Keep up the good work. Dave
  7. Sorry ended up just copying your post.
  8. I'm a blues/rock man myself :- Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tommy Castro, Rory Gallagher, Sherman Robertson, Robin Trower, Wishbone Ash, Robben Ford, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, The Nimmo Brothers, Joe Bonamassa, Freddie King, Jimi Hendrix amongst others. Dave
  9. When planting Sarracenias at what sort of depth should the rhizomes be buried ? I have several plants that were bought in pots and in some the rhizome is completely buried whereas in others the the rhizome is buried to about half its depth and is showing above the surface of the compost. In either situation the plants are growing well however, I have bought some bare rooted plants and so was wondering if there is a recommended depth at which the rhizome should be planted. Dave
  10. I have only joined the CPS in the last few weeks and have already received a welcome pack, containing a growing guide, and also two journals. As a relative beginner the growing guide is a useful and welcome publication containing some good advice and full of great photos. Likewise the journals they are very professional looking with some interesting articles and excellent photos. The one question I have is that I received one journal dated 2009, which I assume is from Autumn last year, and one dated Spring 2010. Does this mean I will also be receiving the Autumn 2010 journal soon as well ?
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    Hi everybody my name is Dave and I have just joined the forum. I have kept a few Sarracenias and a Darlingtonia for the last couple of years but these were generally ones that I bought at a DIY type place and so were unknown hybrids ( I basically bought them because I liked them ). Over the last couple of months I have started to get more serious about growing CP's and have been fortunate to come into contact with someone locally who is an enthusiast and who I have been able to buy some decent plants off eg S leucophylla "Schnells Ghost" , Juthatip Soper, S Rubra ssp Gulfensis and some nice VFT's. I am also regularly trawling Ebay and have picked up one or two plants from there. I have even bought a small polytunnel to keep them in as previously my plants were all kept outside. On the subject of buying plants could anybody recommend any places to buy plants and do you think that Ebay is a good place. The reason I ask about Ebay is that some plants seem to go for a lot of money and, being new to CP's, I am not sure if this is due to the rarity of the plants or if people just get caught up in auction fever. The example that springs to mind is that recently a S leucophylla "Bay County" went for £62.00. Now it was a beautiful plant and one that I must admit that I would love in my collection but to get one is that the sort of price I would have to pay or as the price inflated due to the bidding war ?