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  1. As Fred has highlighted you shouldn't be using vermiculite for sarracenias.
  2. Sorry to hear that mate. I hope you manage to get it under control before it affects all your plants and you don't have to resort to drastic measures.
  3. Just a quick question for Ady. Obviously people have offered up advice based on the symptoms your plants have exhibited and you have excepted this advice in good faith but are you absolutely sure that they have been affected by a pythium outbreak ? I suppose my question is can it be determined categorically that this is the cause ? If not you may be treating your plants for something they don't have. Dave
  4. Glad to hear you have sorted it out. Dave
  5. Not sure you will get any response Ady I think Ceri has visited the forum for the last time.
  6. The other option is to buy RO water from your local aquatic store.
  7. Hi Ceri As someone who has benefited from your experience, knowledge and generosity over the last few years it saddens me that you are being driven to making this decision. I know from talking to you in the past that you have been driven to distraction by the attitude of some buyers of your plants. Almost half of my VFT collection has come from yourself and the first plants I got from you in 2010 are still going strong, so what does that say about the plants you supply ? I for one will miss my visits to you and Gary and the opportunity to see your fabulous collection. Hoping that you will sit back and reconsider. Dave
  8. I'm going to give it a go as well Fred. Had a few pitchers chomped by caterpillars last year.
  9. I've got mine in a 1:1 peat/perlite mix and during the Summer keep them in the greenhouse stood in the same water tray as my Sarracenia. In the winter I tend to bring them inside and keep them just damp on a southish facing windowsill. I do this to avoid the frost although I know that some people leave them in the greenhouse all year round.
  10. 3Star

    Hi all

    Welcome back James. I am sure your collection will start building up again. Dave
  11. Ada at the end of season meeting Tim did a presentation about his trial and some of the outcomes so he has definitely got some results. Not sure if he is intending doing an update in Planta Carnivora. I'm with you regarding Moorland Gold I thought it was something I ought to try but results have had me turn back to peat again. In his presentation Tim mentioned the new compost mix Mike was trying and it sounded encouraging, you will have to keep us updated on how you get on with it. The only problem, that I can recall, is that Tim mentioned it isn't yet available in small quantities. Dave
  12. 3Star

    Dave's Plants

  13. Hi Martin I got this plant from Matthew at the Harrogate Spring Show last year and have been amazed at how vigorous it is. Here is a photograph of a division I took from the mother plant at the end of last year and as you can see it has already put up a lot of pitchers over the Summer and the Autumn ones are proving to be large and stocky. Sorry about the size of the photo I have tried all sorts to try to get a bigger image but without any luck. Any suggestions ? Dave
  14. Is there anybody going to the EOS from the Nottingham area who would be willing to offer a lift ? Obviously I would be more than happy to contribute to fuel costs. Dave
  15. Laurent that is a truly beautiful plant. Dave
  16. Thanks Richard. I actually moved it out of my main greenhouse, which gets sun for about ten hours a day in the summer, in to a second greenhouse which is in a more sheltered location and it appears to be thriving. When would be the best time to re-pot ? Is it like most CP's early Spring ? Dave
  17. A couple of months ago I was in a local garden centre where I found a nepenthes (I believe it is an alata), in their bargain section, which looked a little sorry for itself. Now I have no experience in growing nepenthes but thought that it was my duty to rescue it on behalf of CP growers everywhere, and besides it was only four quid ! When I got it home the plant was very dry and most of the pitchers were dying off so I gave it a good watering and cut off most of the dryed up pitchers and put it in my greenhouse. The good news is that it is doing ok, it has produced a number of new pitchers and is growing well but it is in a very small plastic hanging basket type pot with very little compost in it and so I would like to re-pot it. However what I would like to know is what would be a suitable compost to re-pot it in to and when would be the best time to do this ? Also over the winter where would be the best place to keep it as I assume the greenhouse wouldn't be the ideal place because of the possibility of frost. Dave
  18. I am a member of the CPS, and will continue to be, but admit I very very rarely visit the website. My first port of call if I am looking for information, advice, plants, dates of open days etc is this forum which I use on, at least, daily basis. Dave
  19. Totally agree with Mobile I keep mine in my greenhouse, stood in a small amount of water, during the Summer and bring them in to the house around October time and then leave them on a windowsill until Spring or when the chance of frost has gone. Dave
  20. The reality is that we don't all have collections large enough to warrant an open day but that doesn't mean that we aren't proud of what we grow and if there are other local growers a visit to see their collection and to chinwag about cp's seems a good idea. By the way Ady I have watched all the Mission Impossible films ! Dave
  21. Hi Deano The plastic will not affect the water however if the bottles are clear you may get algae forming. Dave
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