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  1. Auto vents are not made for specific greenhouses and fasten to the greenhouse frame and the opening vent. Dave
  2. Welcome back Alan I have got some of your plants in my collection. Dave
  3. The tape has an adhesive backing and is stuck on to the plastic plant labels.
  4. You just use the clips, normally a couple on each side. If you are worried about the glass blowing out just put more clips in they don't cost very much. Dave
  5. I didn't use recycled wood but did make mine from wood I bought from Wickes. The timber comes in standard lengths such as 1.8m and 2.1m so you can make them without even having to use a saw ! I originally used plastic gravel trays to hold the plants but ended up with lots of different sized trays and this just caused a lot of wasted space so I made trays to fit the staging from OSB board with 50mm x 25mm timber screwed around the edges to form the tray and then used pond liner to line it. Dave
  6. I made a base by laying slabs on a sand cement bed and then screwed the greenhouse into the slabs. You could probably pick some slabs up out of your local paper as people are always looking to get rid of them and it would be cheaper than a concrete base. Dave
  7. I find the terminology a bit suspect as well "Several leads on this large division". Does "leads" mean growth points ?
  8. I use a 50/50 peat moss/perlite mix and, as Ada suggests, I spray the perlite before I use it to keep any dust down. In the past I have incorporated sand in my mix but found it made it to heavy and compact which I considered wouldn't be good for root development.
  9. I'm always up for seeing other peoples collections.
  10. Tell me about it I'm only in Mapperley.
  11. I've just built an extension to my staging so room for a few more plants! Like you Martin I have got some serious dividing to do this year. Dave
  12. Welcome aboard Paul. Whereabouts in Nottingham are you ? Dave
  13. It felt like a Spring day in Nottingham a couple of days ago !
  14. I start them off in the seed trays and then, once they are big enough, transfer them to individual pots. At this point you can start weeding out the promising from the less promising. Dave
  15. Hi Andrew From your point of view it would be easier to sell the collection as a whole because you get rid of it in one go and you don't have to mess about posting it. However collectors may already have many of the plants you have and so would be reluctant to buy the whole collection in order to get one or two plants ( I myself would be interested in a few of the plants but would not consider buying the lot !) and also it would probably need to be someone who lives fairly close to you as they would need to collect them. With these things in mind I would suggest it would probably be better to offer them up individually. Regarding price it is really down to what you think is a reasonable price and perhaps you might have to look to see what individual plants are attracting on places like ebay or on this forum. There are some obvious plants in your collection that would attract a higher price than others i.e. "Goldie" Sorry not a definitive answer but hope it helps a little. Dave
  16. I use half size seed trays. I bought four from my local nursery yesterday for 40 pence. Dave
  17. I often get Daphnia (a small aquatic crustacean) swimming in my water trays. Dave
  18. Devon Allman - Ragged and Dirty. Great CD, definitely a chip off the old block.
  19. Welcome Sabian. You will find that there are a few growers in the Nottingham area who, I am sure, would be willing to offer you any help advice they can. Dave
  20. I think you might find plenty of posts on this forum that would suggest you give Westland a wide berth. Dave
  21. 3Star

    Why is this?

    Hi James You will get to realise that Cephs never behave as you expect them to. It isn't out of the ordinary for plants in the same conditions to perform differently. I have exactly the same thing with leaf pullings I have taken at the same time growing at different rates. Dave
  22. I have some leaf pullings that I have had in sphagnum moss for a couple of months and some are developing roots. I will give them a couple more weeks and then transfer them in to compost to grow on. I also have a Big Boy leaf pulling that I placed straight in to compost about three months ago and I have checked and it has developed roots but no sign of any growth yet. Dave
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