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    From the album: plants of prey

  2. Hi Partisangardener, i must apologize, i misreaded what DT301 wrote about keeping them in the greenhouse. My words was only referred to growing temperate sundews outside.
  3. I don' t think english sun could be a problem, they are tougher than you may think. Mine (from seed germinated in spring) survived to a extemely hot and long lasting italian summer. I grow mine with a lot of live sphagnum in full sun, open air with just a coverage above.
  4. Don't be afraid Yossu, you are not alone!!!!
  5. yes it would have been better, i grow rotundifolia, intermedia and anglica in live sphagnum and they are thriving.
  6. Like JMH i think the "issue" is fb. Also in the italian forums happened the same migration, probably because fb is easier and faster to use, nowadays how many people don't have an fb account? (btw, one it's me). Until there are some forums active, i will use them.
  7. Try to improve the air circulation in the greenhouse, hybernaculums are very sensible to lack of air and sunlight.
  8. Hi DT301, i enterely quote what Richard wrote: try to check for hybernaculum, if you don't find any of them try with seeds, but spread them on live sphagnum moss, i had good result.
  9. EVERY Sarracenia needs of dormancy. Try to post a picture, if it's a hybrid may be hard to be really secure about name.
  10. congratulations! i really like the shape of the "hat"
  11. Hi Krzysio, i have just one word for all of your photo: AWESOME!!!
  12. Hi Fryderyck, looking at some picture found on the net, yes there is lovellae chance, due to the extreme variability in the spatulata complex, lets see..... Se non e' un problema manda pure le foto, se vuoi anche su cpi. Thanks, grazie!
  13. Hi guys, last year i bought some capillaris seeds, but now the plants are adult and seem more brevifolia rather capillaris (i will change the label). This due to the dimension of the rosette (less then 4 cm), colour (very red), shape of the leaves and colour of the flower (white but i know that could be difference). Am i right? Thanks in advance. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n93d37jqg2btdtg/AAD9-HprXMy7nN7BhdyqheHqa?dl=0
  14. Hi yours is the same old story: often who sell cp don't know anything about them. If it were a vft i have no doubt, repot immediately. But with sarras i usually smell the bottom of the pot: if it stink (rarely but may occur)repot, otherwise i wait till dormancy.
  15. Hi Yossu, depend by the species IMO, i grow only few temperate, had some capillaris germinated last years and kept on a shaded balcony (very few our of sun in the morning)where they stay small and uncolored, in spring i moved them in a place where take sun for many our and they are simply exploded, in growing and color. Same with filiformis, but these never need to be feed.
  16. Hi guys, i start to feed my drosera seedling when they reach 1 cm at least in diameter. I use fresh mosquitoes catched directly on my legs and arms (......), or worm (i think bloodworm in english, kept in refrigerator and usually used as fish food)
  17. Congratulations, beautiful plant!!!!
  18. Hi alfe, like ada i think those pots are too small,and it would be better if use live sphagnum. Where do you live? I live close to Modena and despite it's in North Italy summer could be very Hot.
  19. I'm sorry too if you had problem, i ordered from them plants, seeds and live sphagnum without any issue.
  20. Without blood I don't think it would be a good zombie series, I know there is another zombie series, izombie, but I never seen it.
  21. Hi i quote Welshy, WD is great but Murphy is absolutely awesome!
  22. 7 hrs of full Texan sun (i know it, being in Dallas area several times) are enough, but obviously not the optimal. If that is the safiest place just leave'em there. is a typical growing situation......
  23. picol

    Claytons T-Rex

    Hi, almost surely this http://www.cpukforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54096y is/will be, the only picture available.
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