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  1. hi guys i've found these plants, could be orchids? if yes, someone could id them? Thanks!!
  2. first of all, as i've read all the posts about the peat ban, it's not my intention to fuel up any further discussion. But yes, the amount of peat used by gardeners in nothing compared to the amount burned, but now i'm going OT.
  3. Obviously my comment was sarcastic, what sound strange to me is the fact that in 2017 peat is still burned.
  4. or some kind of man activity?
  5. Hi, i'm not a freaky plants lover (i belong to the compost plants party ), so my favourite vft's are "the classic" with saw-shark-pirana-tiger teeth and red traps: red burgundy, hybrid A, red pirana, bimbo ecc.
  6. They look thrips, i've found these 2 links in english. They are hard to fight, several years ago i killed them with mineral oil, i don't remember the name, but i know the calypso is effective. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thrips https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thripidae
  7. Depend on what seed you have. Some need few cold months, others tend to germinate little time after falling from mother plants. But usually this is still good time for sowing.
  8. picol


    It's always a Darlingtonia californica but the complete green "version"
  9. Hi, vft seeds doesn't really need of cold period, sarras instead yes. But mainly depend in wich they has been stored.
  10. I did not take part in writing the wiki, but i know it was really hard for writers, revisors and ecc. And it could be an added value to the forum.
  11. picol

    Is it normal?

    If you mean that flower stalk after growing for about 5-6 cm then split in 2 stalks i think it's normal, i have many "typical" doing this.
  12. Could be somethig like we have on italian forum cpitalia, http://www.cpitalia.net/wiki/index.php?title=Wikiplants. This wiki is available for reading to everyone.
  13. Great picture! My darlingtonias are still babies, so i must wait for some years for blooming.
  14. I entirely quote danl82, that plant deserve to be shown.
  15. picol

    Sowing regia

    That is what i'm trying to achieve.......maybe one day Wonderful plants Nigel!!!
  16. picol

    Sowing regia

    Thanks again!! Going forward with the season (and if seeds are viable) there will new questions.
  17. picol

    Sowing regia

    Ok! Just one more question, due to the fact that this plant hate to be repotted, for what i know, is bettere to share the seedes in a couple of (big) pots at least? Many thanks Nigel!!!
  18. picol

    Sowing regia

    Hi guys! When is best time for sowing regia? Here in north-centre Italy we have 4-9 degrees in the night and 18-20 during the day, is still too cool? I must admit of being a little bit (read really :D) impatient, but i don't want make any mistake. Thank you all!
  19. Cotton buds worked good for me too.
  20. Simply stunning images, i have no words for comment the edwardsiana! Ps: i don't speak a single word in german, but i can guess what you wrote about the big bug
  21. Hi i'm not a neps expert too, to me it look more a x miranda. If i'm not wrong ,from the photo, there are some red spot inside the pitcher and this should be the biggest difference from the x gentle, but repeat i'm not expert.
  22. Hi, i think that the best period for buying temperate CPs is when they are still dormant. But also i guess there is not an official "best period" for that, infact i did never seen any top seller to stop sell plants when they are in fully vegetation.
  23. Is this one of the parents of the seeds you sold last year? (say yes, say yes )
  24. Hi, how does the growing points look? I'm asking this because in the past years had the same problem with botrytis . But in my case was a consequence of some root rot or rizhome cancer.
  25. From what i read seem to closed, and in one of the worst ways.
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