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  1. Yes, you can cut everything brown
  2. Hi, AF stand for Andrea Fontana, an italian grower owner of giardinocarnivoro cp's shop. Should be amoung the sponsors.
  3. Hi, i use the quartz sand of this brand (the one on the left) with darlingtonia seedling (mixed with pumice and a little bit of peat), P. macriceras (mixed with lapil) and with D. linearis (pure) without any issue. I saw the other bag at the pet shop and it looks gravel to me, so it might have a higher pH level but usually for pinguicula this is not a problem
  4. despite i'm not fond of chemistry i find your video really interesting!
  5. picol

    Deep VFTs

    Hi! Usually moss is not a big problem in this case, consider that vft's naturally tend to sink into the substrate. I repot plants every 2 or 3 years and sometimes i find very "stretched" rhizome.
  6. Here in Italy is possible to find various syrups and pills with D. rotundifolia, homeopathic as well, and i know it can be a cough pain relief, but i don't think too this plant could kill the virus.
  7. so little and so dark, a good looking plant!
  8. almost ready for salad!!!! jokes apart great plants Argo!!
  9. Yes it is, Gladys will be pregnant soon
  10. Even if they are the commonest carnivorous plants it's always nice to see them in the wild. Theorically (for what i know) is forbidden to collect plants, seeds and parts of plants in the wild. I don't know if in the UK exist a specific authority for these matter as here in Italy.
  11. Great result! I too hope that the seeds i got from you will be so vigorous.
  12. picol

    Need id

    Thanks C. Cepha for the specification!!!
  13. picol

    Need id

    Perfect, thanks Platty!!
  14. picol

    Need id

    Hi guys could you help with the id of this plant? I'm asking for a friend
  15. Hi Platty, i'm not a pings expert but i kept a P. elizabethiae in pure lava (crushed) rock and it was fine. Here in Italy many growers use this substrate or the tufa brick. With the lava rock there will not any issue with fungus gnat larvae
  16. picol


    Hi and thanks Nepenthesman! Yes after a fast research that plant should be a Lathyrus odoratus, a pea plant. It is always good to learn something new!!
  17. picol


    Hi guys! i've found these last or a couple of years ago, if are orchids someone knows what kind? Thanks!
  18. Hi Argo, i too think you should check for larvae. They thrive in peat mix and can be very dangerous. They ate my very first pings years ago, no issue with pure lava rock (lapillo frantumato con una mazzetta).