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  1. picol

    about D. linearis

    Hi guys, i got this plant since may of this year. Was very little as it arrived, but after some good feeding it started to grow well, reaching about 3 cm in length of the leaves. Now it's shrinking, i know this plant has a short vegetative period, so the cause could be the plant is going into dormancy despite the hot temperature? I live in north Italy and winter can be cold, usually -4 C, or never go below 0, are these temperature enough cold? Does anyone knows if leaf cutting work? Thank you all!
  2. picol

    is this S. Leucophylla?

    No, it'a a hybrid between purpurea and leucophylla. Probably a x mitchelliana like Alexis wrote.
  3. picol

    Dionaea periscope, my new selection :)

    Hi Valerio, that plant is wonderful! Complimenti!
  4. picol

    Pics 2018

    Paolo sono meravigliose!!
  5. picol

    Sowing Sarracenia Leucophylla

    Sempre piu' grandi!! Complimenti!!
  6. picol

    what's happening to posts?

    I've noticed it too.
  7. picol

    Twisted Pitchers - Help Please

    Hi, a thrips attack almost bleach the pitchers, usually aphids puncture do this kind of damage, provado should take care of these "lovely" critters.
  8. Hi, maybe is just an accumulation of anthocyanins, the responsible substance of the red pigmentation.
  9. picol

    Dividing Darlingtonia

    If i were you i'd wait untill next year, end of winter, when runner will be bigger and well rooted. It's a nice plants, is the Siuslaw N. F. ?
  10. Hi David, i tried to grow some VFT's in a mix of coir and coarse sawdust or perlite and the plants were very fine.
  11. picol

    Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    I was about to ask the same question. Mine are still young so i think i will cut only the dried pitcher, but maybe cutting down the plant could stimulate the new grow.
  12. picol

    Hello from Austria

  13. picol

    Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to All from Italy!
  14. picol

    This is important.

    Hi! almost surely that plant will be one of these: capensis, capensis "alba" (white leaves instead of red), aliciae. Generally are easy to keep, they need of light, as much air circulation as you can provide and wet substrate, if aliciae not very wet. You can grow it on a windowsill, and don't really need of dormancy.
  15. Hi, i agree with carambola, sphagnum grows very much faster than sarras seedling. You could use the typical 50-50 peat moss and perlite without any issues.