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    That's what's freaking me!
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    So, among the several hundred 2 to 3 year old seedlings I have from Aidan's seed, one didn't go dormant last year. One of all the seedlings, as well as the dozens I've had for years. Her she is sitting among her siblings. I almost won't blame anyone reading for not believing this, but several of you have met me, and well....anyway....tell me what you think. Polyploidy or just the far right hand side of the bell curve?
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    We had a hot spell two weeks ago that lasted for two weeks, and starting mid week they expect another week of mid 70F weather. Some of my plants are starting to send up blooms. Anyone else? I hope they don't start sending up leaves too early, although hopefully a light frost in Feb. won't hurt too much.
  4. I guess that one's either male or female. I've got three, so odds are that I'll get lucky. They say cuttings from that particular Dio are very hard, but I've got a few under lights in a warm propagator.
  5. They're doing well, Jim. I've only lost 40 out of 100 this year, which is good compared to the last couple years, believe me. I'm bringing them back from the raspberry pollination job they were doing, and now am hoping for a nice eucalyptus harvest. The weather's in the high 60s and the trees are in full bloom. Walking by the hives you can smell the honey production from several feet away, and it's one of the nicest scents in nature.
  6. Seedlings are starting to get big. Don't know what I'm going to have to do for space!
  7. I thought I'd liven up this section with yesterday's pic of my one lonely Catopsis. The vines are D. elephantipes from seed I sowed two years ago, and I was unaware of the morphological range of leaves between plants.
  8. Hmmm. Well going from a nubile Slavic Naiad to a 47 year old California contractor.... This yellow flowered Tillandsia hasn't seen the ground in 5 years. One of the powerful, orchid like scented varieties which finally bloomed for me.
  9. Bayer has a product with "Merit" that's the same as what Europeans use for CPs under the name Provado. It's the only thing I've found that works, as those mealy bugs do their worst damage a few inches under the ground.
  10. Duvalia reclinata, a cutie with frillie things, and Stapelia divaricata, a big ugly
  11. Huerniopsis astrosanguinea, with a strange smell I just can't describe and Tromotriche englesiana, a back view
  12. http://www.asclepiad-international.org/
  13. Huernia thuretti poking it's head above the pot:
  14. One of the things that shocked me was how small the plants were when they bloomed, and with the IAS right in your country it's not like seeds will be hard to come by.
  15. Stapelia rbiginosa Piaranthus punctatus
  16. They run from no scent to honey smelling to barnyard smells to cesspit smell. It's cool waiting for a flower to open that you haven't "sampled" yet.
  17. Very true, as long as they are in the greenhouse during the winter. If not, basically every one of them dies from the wet and cold. The sunlight helps with blooming, and the hot weather during the growing season can really make the plants grow like mad.
  18. No Aristolochias yet! Aidan, it's funny, although the flowers all have a different type of vileness, the combination of smells when several are in bloom is more like steer manure than the more grotesque individual smells.
  19. Orbea progmata Huernia praestans Huernia bayei Echidnopsis sharpei Duvalia angustiloba And a non-Stapeliad bonus, Argyroderma ringens
  20. I trust on a board like this where people are slightly wild, no one will object to me sharing more of the "carrion flowers", those which smell literally like crap to attract flies as polinators. The first is Tromotriche revoluta and the purple frilly things around the edges are, perhaps, metalic colored and easily moved by the slightest breeze to look like flies like other flies clustered around a dead body, as a signal "hey, there's grub!": The next two are just pretty. Stapelia aperta and Piaranthus magificus
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    When most of the plant is yellow, dig it up and harvest.
  22. Very nice! They're starting to get popular as a plant for entry ways and other dark areas over here.
  23. Tim

    Hardy Pygmies

    Same here. Temps that killed or severely damaged the majority of my Highland Nepenthes and crisped many Mexican Butterworts didn't bother my Pygmy Sundew collection. But that's not NW European cold.
  24. We enjoy! Very important work you're doing.