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  1. sorry no seed available now wrong time of year,
  2. your growing conditions show the true actual colour of the plant in the wild to Dimi , a great looking plant nice work
  3. got the plant from a guy in Sydney NSW ,few years a go , nice plants , just average size pitcher for me , reasonable colour nice ceph as they all are , just keep the name as i received it nothing more
  4. great work Dimi , plants are looking great and healthy as usual , great collection and veriety too :) love ya work
  5. nice littel pitchers , a bit differnt on now days with all looking to bigger is better , nice work :)
  6. nice colour on young pitchers Dimi , nice work :)
  7. yer agree, think it makes good sense , as the lids can be any where in differnt plants , nice pitcher by the way Carl
  8. only buy from either some one you know or some one recommended by another CP grower on here , as there are many rip off sellers out there just now, do not buy from China that for sure and take care on the Asain sellers too , many you dont get the seed what you have paid for!.
  9. Like to start a world wide thread to inform every one not to buy CP or orchid seed from china, as most if not all are are fake , and even Ebay knows it and still will not do any thing about it, as they dont want to miss out on the fees I'm guessing , have told Ebay and proven to them that seed I bought was fake and still ebay refuse to ban these crooks . wounder why ?? obviously Ebay's mandate has changed !! So please inform every one you know not to buy seed of any type from china ,as you all ready seen from threads here and on forums all are fake , its about time some one put a stop this this rip off situation sooner than later. I think most people that are ruglar to the forum will know what seed is what ,but still I see many are buying from China and getting taken for a ride. This is the photos I sent to ebay ,there responce was " you better ask for your money back !" I though one of ebays madates was to portect buys from being ripped off or selling of fake goods !! my be I have it all wrong ?? Actual Dracular orchid pods ,my own pollinations these are some ones forming Now the Drac Orchid seed sent from china As you can see not even close, and actual orchid seed is mainly like the size of dust particls . I though showing this to Ebay mite be enought to convice them that these sharks from china were just ripping us all off, seems not so . I all so challeneged the selles of the seed directly and of cause they siad they would look into it bbahhhh !! So just tell all you know just not to buy any Cp or Orchid seed from China at all . John
  10. No Dimi as its seems not to be a stable plant.
  11. nice shot Carl , look good with the dew-ie teeth
  12. time , paients and feeding and good sun will help ,, takeing the plant out fully bare root it totally will slow things down possibale for a full season to several months , let it recover J
  13. yer think dont get to big first off, but for sure as they start to get adult size or put on 1st adult pitchers , it best to get much lager pots for sure, I just cut the old pot off and put the whole frim mix in to a much larger pot and back fill with new mix , and they just go on as usual no step back at all ,root are all most never disturbed at all john
  14. just some clarifying information for this post , first off , only 1 cephalotus site is at a sea side site , that is Coal Mine beach site, all the rest are much further back inland and may be close at times to inland swamps/ soaks or land locked lakes ,with may be exception of a few but there still may be 1/2 a km from the actual sea shore . all sites are comprised of fine sand based soils as the whole area so far back in time were massive sand dunes and gradually getting plant compost added over the millions of years from trees, shrubs and grasses composting , most sites with may be only Nothcliffe to a degree ,are fine dune sand compost based , the compost soils has a very high level of this fine sand in all soil in these area's in many areas as high as 60% , the sand is probably from the granite that is predominate in the coastal areas of Albany , though I have not investigated that part , but the sand is very fine grade and pure white indeed . when taking PPM reading from water in winter at some sites the ppm reading was quite unexpectedly high ,the water dose not hang around as the sites are most on areas where the water runs past or drains quickly . on top and underneath the area ,making them the ideal site for cephs to grow . this is base on field site trips and observations only .
  15. yes fill the pitcher with rain water as soon as you receive them , as with any pitcher plants you receive .
  16. As in all cp's that require fluid in the pitchers ,after transport its best to rehydrate the pitchers on receipt of the plant with fresh rain water ,or they may die from lack of it , they will make the own digestive fluid with that water .,so yes , fill the pitchers ASAP ,and keep them at least 1/2 to 3/4 full at all times in growing season . as they would be in the natural habit .
  17. Yes Dimi pollinating some flowers from a few selected plants ,there just opening and ready for pollination now and next several weeks , seed harvest in Feb 2015
  18. On request from Dimi here is mother plant C.NorthCliffe
  19. great photos thanks for sharing
  20. yep got ya Marcus, not having a go mate !, think we mite have the same plant ? , my friend here in Adelaide has plants he has called HG for as long as I have known him ,as you say possibly a pre / prior named HG or not ? who knows , its been hard to dig back further from a Guy in QLD where he got it from , but it looks remarkably same as the pitcher in the registration photo of Hummer Giant reg papers . But no one here has been able to get the size or huge ribs that Jen and Dimi are showing here now , now I have some established plants of this , will try the same here in low light cool controlled conditions to see if it dose indeed do the same or just a larger type ceph ! Jen No one should or could be only be envious or astounded at the plants you have grown , any one commenting badly is obviously jealous as can be , well done , amazing work .
  21. so just as an observation , the pitcher in the Reg paper John states is stable and pitchers are usually 6 to 7cm with some getting to 8 , but its seems to been may be different to the plants being sold now , as impressive as they are and I want one !! would one agree or not ?
  22. can we have the original registration paper up and photo posted ,any one have it to put up ? the original photo if possible now Dimi you know we can that that pant here , dew to our fantastic gov regulations that help all AU be free from diseases, except when large company's bring in equipment in that spread all sorts of invasive plant material around , that quite legal its seems very double standard.
  23. Veek what media do you use for your plants , the potting mix, what works better GA3 or the smoke treatment in any ones opinion ? got a load or R.gorgonias seed fresh as , only week old by now , so looking for ways to sow them natural , doing some in T/C as well , there quite interesting in T/ C
  24. Carl just trying to See if Marcus B , had a HG plant / material sent to him from USA , nothing more ,in the time frame from Reg to present day, or some where in-between , as just would like to see it to see what differences if any are here in AU . I have to say , like Fred the original description to me , dont match the present day HG ,,have persistent this many times but all ways got shot down for it, IMO they dont match up from original registration photo & description to now big 10cm green monster ! which is so impressive have to say . only my opinion !
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